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Olympus XD Card Video Recovery

"I deleted some video clips from my Olympus XD picture card for my digital camera. Those video clips are quite important to me, so I want to get them back. Can somebody tell me how to restore deleted videos off Olympus XD memory card?"

"I formatted my Olympus XD card in digital camera by accident when I was viewing files. The card contains lots of files including some videos and images and so on. I can restore the images from my Facebook, but there is no backup for the videos. Therefore, I want to know if there is any solution for formatted Olympus XD card video recovery. The XD card is a 1GB Olympus XD card. The lost videos are in JPEG format and 3GB format. Thanks for any kind help."

Olympus XD Picture Card Data Recovery

Olympus XD card is a popular brand of XD memory card. You can use an Olympus XD card to store videos and other types of data. Usually, data can be lost from an XD card due to deleting, formatting, not formatted error, RAW file system and more. Whenever you run into any of data loss situations, you should stop using the card and use data recovery software to restore lost files of the card. The data recovery software is compatible with all types of XD memory card to help restore lost files including video clips and other kinds of data. This data recovery software can work on different capacities of Olympus XD memory card.

Steps to Restore Videos off Olympus XD-picture Card

download usb recovery software

Step1. Connect the Olympus XD memory card to your computer. Download and install the data recovery software on the same computer. Then, run the software and select a recovery module.

select recovery
Step2.  You should select the Olympus XD card as scanning device so that the software can scan it for lost files. Then, you only need to wait when the software is scanning.

select drive
Step3. You are allowed to preview pictures after scanning, but you cannot preview videos because it is too large. Then, you can select the files you need and recover them.

recover files

download usb recovery software

Pay attention

You can save the recovered files to any storage media rather than the original XD card.

Deleting Video Clips from Olympus XD Card

In most case, an XD card is used in digital camera to store pictures and videos. You may save thousands of pictures and lots of video clips on an XD picture card. When using your digital camera, you may mistakenly delete some video clips from your Olympus XD card. In this situation, you had better stop using the card immediately. Especially, you had better stop saving additional data to the XD card after deleting. Deletion does not erase the real data permanently, so you can still use the data recovery software to restore the deleted videos as long as they are not overwritten. Besides, you should put the XD card in safe place to prevent it from being physically damaged.

Other Situations for Olympus XD Card Data Loss

In addition to deletion, you can run into data loss problem on an Olympus XD memory card due to some other reasons.
1. XD card is formatted by accident
Even worse, you may erase everything on an Olympus XD card due to mistaken formatting. When your Olympus XD card becomes empty after formatting, you should not add new data to the formatted card. Formatting erases everything on the XD card and prepares the card for new data storage. If the original data is overwritten by new added data, you are unable to recover them. As long as the XD card is not overwritten, you can use the data recovery software to restore memory card after reformat by mistake.

2. Olympus XD card RAW file system
Have you ever met RAW drive error (RAW file system) on an XD memory card? System cannot recognize RAW file system, so you cannot access any data on the card when it turns to RAW. If you want the card to work normally, you need to format it back to original file system. However, you should remember to perform data recovery first before formatting the card.

3. More other reason for XD card data loss
One common situation for XD card file loss is that you cannot access the card. RAW file system is one of the most common reasons that you cannot access your XD card. There are some other reasons that disable you to access your XD card.

Recover Different Types of Videos off Olympus XD Card

The data recovery software allows you to recover different types of videos from Olympus XD picture card. Supported video formats include: 3GB, MP4, MPEG, AVI, RAM, WOV, ASF, WMV, FLV, etc. You cannot preview the videos because they are too large, but you can watch the videos after recovering them successfully.

About Olympus XD Card

Olympus Corporation was founded in 1919 in Japan. XD card was released by Olympus Corporation and FujiFilm. XD card cannot be compatible with all digital cameras, and it is often used in Olympus digital camera and FujiFilm digital camera.

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Recover data now!

With the data recovery software, you can also recover videos from pen drive after formatting, deleting or when pen drive is corrupted and becomes unreadable due to not formatted error, bad sectors and other kinds of reasons.


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