Cannot Access or Format Mobile Phone Micro SD Card

cannot format micro sd card"Well, I cannot access my micro SD card which has 32GB space with more than 20GB data inside. This micro SD card has been used for about 3 years in my Android phone, and it contains pictures, videos, music and so on. When I click the micro SD card on my Android phone, it says micro SD card is not formatted. If I click to format the card, it says the format did not complete successfully. Please show me the solution to access an unformatted micro SD card on Android phone."

"My 32GB micro SD card for Blackberry Z10 is not accessible. Windows says the memory card needs to be formatted in My Computer and under Disk Management. Another message pops up that Windows was unable to complete the format after I click Format button to format the micro SD card. Is it possible for me to access the corrupted micro SD card without formatting? How to recover deleted files on blackberry z10 after formatting?"

Solution - Inaccessible & Unformatted 32GB Micro SD Card Recovery

Whether you can format the micro SD card or not when it shows unformatted error and becomes not accessible, you have another thing to do before fixing the error. That is to recover data from the micro SD card. For unformatted micro SD card data recovery, free micro sd data recovery software - iCare Data Recovery is needed. The data recovery software allows you to recover data from various types of micro SD card and other memory cards on almost all Windows operating system for free if your data is within 2GB. This data recovery utility supports all Android phones including Samsung, Blackberry, Nokia, Lenovo, and more. The data recovery software only provides solution for data recovery on unformatted and inaccessible micro SD card. If you want to fix the unformatted error, you still need to format the card when data is recovered.

Steps to Recover Unformatted Micro SD Card Data

download usb recovery software

Step1. Insert the unformatted micro SD card to a Windows PC. Then, download and install the data recovery software. Run the software and choose a recovery module.

select recovery
Step2. Choose the micro SD card so that the software can scan. You just need to wait patiently before the scanning is finished.

select drive
Step3. After scanning, you can preview the found files like pictures, word, etc. Then, you can select the files you need and recover them.

recover files

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Formatting Is Required When Micro SD Card Is Not Accessible

Windows cannot recognize the RAW file system of micro SD card, so it asks you to format the micro SD card to change its file system to be recognizable. Are you wondering if formatting is required when you cannot access an unformatted micro SD card? Formatting may help you fix the unformatted/raw drive error, but formatting is also a process to erase the micro SD card. Besides, you are not sure what would happen in formatting process or after formatting. For example, your original data on micro SD card may be overwritten by new added data after formatting the card. What is worse, your micro SD card might be corrupted due to improper operation during formatting. Therefore, you had better not format the micro SD card before all important data is restored.

Possible Reasons Why Cannot Format Phone Micro SD Card

Usually, when the phone memory card is in RAW format, it only takes a little time to format a 32GB micro SD card on a computer. However, sometimes, you may find that Windows takes several hours or even more to format a 32GB micro SD card but finally it says Windows was unable to complete the format. Why? Is there any solution? Here are some possible reasons:
>> The micro SD card is infected with virus
>> Micro SD card contains lots of bad sectors
>> Micro SD card is corrupted
>> More unknown reasons

Solutions to Fix Problem When Micro SD Card Cannot Be Formatted

1. Full scan micro SD card to check if it contains virus

You can connect the micro SD card to your computer and run anti-virus software to check if the micro SD card contains virus. If it contains virus, you can remove all virus by relying on the anti-virus software. After removing virus, you can format the micro SD card.

2. Repair bad sectors on micro SD card

Connecting the micro SD card to your computer, you can scan and repair bad sectors on the card.

3. Format micro SD card with help of third-party format tool

You can find kinds of format tools online. If you insist on formatting the micro SD card, you can download a format tool and format the micro SD card successfully.

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How to Avoid Data Loss from Micro SD Card

Data can be lost from a micro SD card due to many reasons apart from unformatted error. For example, you may mistakenly delete files from a micro SD card, or you might accidentally format a micro SD card. Here are some tips to help avoid suffering unexpected data loss disaster:
>> Backup important data regularly
>> Think carefully when you decide to delete files or format micro SD card
>> Do not save all important files to a micro SD card
>> Use micro SD card in a proper way

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Recover data now!


iCare Data Recovery Pro : Advanced data recovery utility for 32gb micro sd card recovery when it is inaccessible in phone.

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