Seagate External USB Won't Show UP - how to access inside data

Referring to external hard drive, many people know Seagate external and often consider it as a storage device which is convenient, portable and reliable. However, even Seagate device doesn’t has long life. Sometimes, your Seagate external drive might stop working . When your external hard drive stops working normally, you may feel quite worried about the important data stored on the disk. Is there any way to get back the files when Seagate external hard drive cannot work normally?

Data Recovery off Seagate Portable USB when it stops working

A Seagate external hard drive will stop working in many situations. Whatever, only if your drive is not physically damaged, you are able to recover deleted photos videos from external Seagate with a data recovery tool. As an advanced data recovery tool, iCare Data Recovery helps with data recovery from all kinds of storage device including Seagate external hard drive. No matter what types of files are stored on the Seagate external hard drive, iCare Data Recovery let you retrieve all files if files are not overwritten.

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Step-by-step Guide to Recover Seagate External USB Hard Drive Data

Free download the external hard drive recovery software now for Seagate USB recovery when it does not work:

Step1. Free download iCare Data Recovery. Plug the drive to the computer and run iCare Data Recovery. Try a scan mode

select recovery
Step2. Choose the seagate partition and the software can scan the partition . wait before the scanning is completed.

select drive
Step3. The software will list all files in different folders after scanning, then preview the files found by this tool. Then choose some to recover and save them to a another partition.

recover files

download usb recovery software

Seagate External Hard Drive Cannot Accessed due to Not Formatted Error

In normal case, your Seagate external hard drive can be shown as a removable device when you connect to your computer. However, a Seagate external hard drive may stop working sometimes. Although the Seagate external can still be shown as a removable device, you will receive disk not formatted message when clicking the device. If Windows system stops you from accessing the Seagate external hard drive due to not formatted error, you can use iCare Data Recovery to retrieve files off the external hard drive and finally format it to fix the not formatted error.

Seagate USB External Hard Drive Won't show up or Detected

Even worse, when you plug your Seagate external hard drive to PC, it cannot be detected on computer. You cannot see the icon of external device in "My Computer", but you can hear the noise after connecting the Seagate drive to your PC. If you run into such kind of problem, you should check if the Seagate external hard drive is damaged or destroyed. If the device is not damaged, you may run iCare Data Recovery to get data off the device. Once data has been recovered, you had better backup important files to another place.

Corrupted Seagate External Hard Drive Recovery

Seagate external hard drive corruption is a common problem for portable device users. This kind of problem occurs when Seagate external hard drive is attacked by virus, malware, or Trojan. A Seagate external hard drive can also get corrupted due to bad sectors or improper operation on the device. When external disk are corrupted, it would report some of the following error messages:

In order to get rid of such kind of problem, it is advised you not to connect your Seagate external hard drive to public computer which might contain virus or Trojan. Besides, you should handle your Seagate external hard drive properly. If you run into Seagate external hard drive corruption problem unfortunately, corrupted Seagate external hard drive data can be recovered with help of iCare Data Recovery.

Download iCare Data Recovery to Recover USB files that don’t show up

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