Seagate Expansion Suddenly Became RAW in File System - how to fix

External hard drive, such as Seagate Expansion provided by Seagate, makes it convenient to store or backup important data. However, data might be lost from a Seagate Expansion external hard drive due to RAW file system. Probably you encountered RAW file system on computer’s hard disk partition, in which situation you are unable to access the partition. As a matter of fact, RAW file system problem can also occur on an external hard drive. Therefore, you might run into data loss when Seagate Expansion changes its file system to RAW.

Recover Data from RAW Seagate Expansion USB External Portable Disk

Don’t worry about that you cannot access your Seagate Expansion external hard drive when it has RAW file system because you can perform a data recovery to recover all files from the external hard drive. In order to perform data recovery, you can rely on iCare Data Recovery. It is a data recovery tool for Windows users, with which you can restore any data off all kinds of storage device including Seagate Expansion. Even if the Seagate Expansion won't show up in "My Computer", iCare Data Recovery makes it possible for you to rescue all files stored on the external hard disk.

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RAW Seagate Expansion External HDD Data Recovery Software Download

Free download Seagate external hard drive recovery software for file restoring on RAW Seagate Expansion:

Step1. Connect your Seagate Expansion external hard drive to PC. Free download this powerful tool.

select recovery
Step2. click your Seagate Expansion external disk to perform a deep scan for lost files.

select drive
Step3. After that, preview the files listed first of all. Then choose the files lost from the Seagate Expansion and recover them.

recover files

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Tip: Please do not save the recovered files to the original Seagate Expansion external hard drive. You may save the files to computer’s disk partition or other external memory device like USB drive.

Access RAW Seagate Expansion 1 TB 2TB USB 2.0 Portable External

When seagate expansion hard disk usb drive is not recognized by PC, you need a data recovery software like iCare Data Recovery to access inside data.

Plug Seagate Expansion out from PC Properly

When you want to plug your Seagate Expansion out from PC, it is highly recommended to remove it safely. Even if the Seagate HDD external hard drive is showing RAW file system, you had better not eject it out of your computer. Improper operation on the Seagate Expansion external hard drive may lead the device to be corrupted or damaged. Therefore, when you find that your Seagate Expansion external hard drive has RAW drive error, you had better run data recovery software iCare Data Recovery to recover the files rather than do anything else.

Convert Seagate Expansion from RAW to NTFS or FAT32

Data recovery software provides a way to extract data from the RAW Seagate Expansion external hard drive, but it cannot fix the RAW drive error. However, a RAW drive is unable to be accessed. Therefore, you may still want to convert the RAW Seagate Expansion external disk to NTFS or FAT32 file system. In order convert RAW file system to NTFS or change RAW to FAT32, you can format the Seagate Expansion. You can perform a quick format on the Seagate Expansion external hard drive to convert the RAW file system to NTFS or FAT32. You can also perform a full format to change the file system and to check if there are bad sectors on the external hard drive.

==>> If you run into another problem that Seagate Expansion is unable to be formatted, please go to this page - Windows reports it was unable to complete the format>>

Possible Reasons that brought Seagate Expansion RAW and Things You Can Do

1. Seagate Expansion is corrupted due to virus infection or bad sectors
It is true that Seagate Expansion external hard drive might get corrupted due to some reasons, while virus infection and bad sectors are the most common reasons. If your Seagate Expansion is infected with virus, you need to use anti-virus program to kill the virus. If there are bad sectors, you can use Windows error-checking tool to fix the bad sectors and also you need to format the disk after data recovery.
2. RAW drive error occurs due to power outage
Probably, you are transferring data to the Seagate Expansion external drive, but your computer shuts down due to some reasons. If so, it may also cause RAW file system on your Seagate Expansion. Therefore, it is often recommended that you had better not turn off your computer or plug out the external hard drive in the data transferring or writing process.

Use iCare Data Recovery to Restore data now

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