Seagate Expansion Disk Format Recovery

If your hard disk drive is running out of disk space on your computer but you don’t want to delete any file from the hard disk, you may transfer those files to an external hard drive. In addition, even if there is a lot of free space on the hard disk, you can also copy some important files to an external hard drive to make a backup. Among different brands of external hard drives, Seagate external hard drive such as Seagate Expansion is most widely used by computer users. However, nothing can be worse than mistakenly formatted the Seagate Expansion during the transferring or when you want to format other drive. How to unformat seagate external disk?

Freeware for Seagate Expansion Format Recovery

To perform formatted Seagate Expansion external hard drive data recovery, iCare Data Recovery can do a help. iCare Data Recovery is a specialized data recovery program, which enables you to recover all types of data from formatted storage device. This powerful data recovery software can work on computers that run Windows operating system. It supports to recover files from both NTFS and FAT32 external hard disk after formatting. It also supports to recover data from a RAW external hard disk if formatting is not completed.

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Steps to Recover Files on Formatted Seagate Expansion

Download the data recovery software now for Seagate external hard drive data recovery free by referring the the guide below:

Step1. Plug your Seagate Expansion to a computer. Then free download, install and launch iCare Data Recovery to choose proper recovery module.

select recovery
Step2. Choose the Seagate Expansion external hard drive, and then the software will scan the selected partition to search for lost files. You don’t need to do anything but you only need to wait in the scanning process.

select drive
Step3. When scanning is over, you can preview the found files. Then select the files you lost due to formatting and recover them.

recover files

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Restore Accidentally Formatted FAT32 Seagate Expansion

Usually, the file system of an external hard drive might be FAT32. You are able to recover files from accidentally formatted FAT32 Seagate Expansion with iCare Data Recovery. The software can recognize FAT32 file system and scan for lost files on the drive. The software can quickly scan an FAT32 external hard drive and list all lost files after scanning. You are able to recover the lost files with original quality effectively and efficiently. As advanced data recovery software, iCare Data Recovery is easy to handle and safe to use.

Recover Seagate Expansion Data after Formatting FAT32 to NTFS

FAT32 and NTFS are two different file systems on computer, and they often have different features. Sometimes, you may want to format the Seagate Expansion from FAT32 to NTFS. By using iCare Data Recovery, you can restore data from a Seagate Expansion external hard drive when its file system has been changed to NTFS from FAT32 after formatting. In addition, if your Seagate Expansion was NTFS file system, you can also use iCare Data Recovery to restore data off a formatted NTFS partition.

Windows 7 Wants to Format Seagate Expansion External Hard drive

Since Microsoft has stopped providing support and updates for Windows XP, many computer users prefer to use Windows 7 operating system. Have you ever met disk not formatted error on your Seagate Expansion external hard drive when you connect it to a computer that runs Windows 7 operating system? Generally speaking, Windows 7 may ask you to format Seagate Expansion external hard drive in two situations:
1. The format is not completed.
Whether you format your Seagate Expansion by mistake or due to other reasons, you may stop formatting the external drive before it is completed. In this situation, Windows 7 may ask you to format the disk when you want to access it. If you run into this problem unfortunately, you just need to format the Seagate Expansion and then run iCare Data Recovery to perform formatted external hard drive recovery.
2. Seagate Expansion has disk errors.
If your Seagate Expansion has disk error like bad sectors, write error, etc, Windows 7 may also pop up disk not formatted error message when you try to open the external drive. In this situation, you can recover data from the external hard drive by using iCare Data Recovery and then format the Seagate Expansion external hard drive.

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