Can You Recover Mistakenly Formatted Seagate Expansion Hard Disk

It is an easy thing to erase a Seagate Expansion external hard disk by formatting. If you just want to delete all files on a Seagate Expansion, you may perform quick format on the external disk. If you want to check bad sectors on the disk, you may perform complete format. However, if you formatted your Seagate Expansion by mistake, it is not so easy to unformat the external disk and retrieve lost files due to formatting unless you use a data recovery program - iCare Data Recovery.

How Does Data Recovery Tool Work to Restore Files due to Formatting

Data recovery software is a program that can scan the formatted storage device so as to search for lost files. As one of the most popular and useful data recovery program, iCare Data Recovery can recover data from all kinds of storage media, so you can easily unformat Seagate Expansion external hard disk by relying on this software. This software enables you to retrieve all formats of files like pictures, RAW images, videos, music, office files, emails, and more. iCare Data Recovery can quickly scan the formatted Seagate Expansion external disk and show all files after scanning. It allows you preview the found files, so you can know if the found files are the lost ones due to formatting.

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Recover Seagate Expansion after Formatting Step by Step

Free download iCare Data Recovery and follow the Seagate external HDD recovery guide for formatted Seagate portable hard drive data recovery:

Step1. Free download and install iCare Data Recovery, Get your Seagate as external drive to PC.

select recovery
Step2. Choose the formatted device, and then the software will scan it. You only need to wait patiently in the scanning process.

select drive
Step3. After scanning, you are allowed to check the found files. you may choose the lost files due to formatting and recover them.

recover files

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Tips for Formatted Seagate Expansion Data Recovery

Before data recovery =>

  • After formatting the Seagate Expansion external hard disk, you should stop using the external disk. The new added data may overwrite the lost files and make them unrecoverable.
  • Put the Seagate Expansion external hard disk in safe place to protect it from being physically damaged.

In the process of data recovery =>

• You need to wait for scanning the formatted Seagate Expansion external hard disk for lost files. It doesn’t take a long time to search for lost files. If the software takes several hours to scan a 500GB Seagate Expansion external hard disk, you may stop to see what have been found.
• When the lost files have been found, you can select all of them and save them to another location. For example, you can save the recovered files to a hard disk partition or any other storage media, but you cannot save them to the formatted Seagate Expansion external disk.

After data recovery =>

• When files have been restored successfully, you may move the recovered files to the Seagate external disk if you like.
• You had better make a backup in order to avoid data loss again due to mistakenly formatting or other reasons.

Unformat Seagate Expansion Safely

By using iCare Data Recovery, you can unformat Seagate Expansion external hard disk safely. The iCare Data Recovery is a secure and reliable data recovery tool that allows any user to restore data after formatting with original quality. This software can recover lost files in a safe way because on the one hand, it is risk-free. And on the other hand, this software doesn’t modify any information on your computer. What is more, iCare Data Recovery does no harm to your Seagate Expansion during the data recovery. Therefore, you can completely rely on iCare Data Recovery if you want to recover data when Seagate Expansion got formatted by mistake.

iCare Data Recovery also supports to recover files from formatted pen drive, hard drive, usb drive, memory card and more.

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Works for Windows All Editions


iCare Data Recovery Pro : powerful all in one rescue software for Windows All OS

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