Recover Data after Format Seagate Expansion

Seagate Expansion is external hard drive developped by Seagate Corporation, which has been used by PC owners for several years because it often has large capacity and good quality. However, Seagate Expansion data loss might put its users at great panic. PC owners may make different kinds of mistake to lead data to be lost from a Seagate Expansion external hard drive. Mistaken formatting is one of the most common mistakes that most PC owners would make frequently. Now, you are able to correct the mistake to recover lost data from the formatted Seagate Expansion with help of a third-party data recovery program – iCare Data Recovery.

Recover Formatted Seagate Expansion Data Recovery Software Download

After formatting the Seagate Expansion on your PC, iCare Data Recovery is able to help with the lost data recovery before you write new data to the formatted external hard drive. iCare Data Recovery is able to recover files from all types of Seagate Expansion external drive including 1TB, 2TB and even 3TB external drive. iCare Data Recovery is completely reliable and safe for all users who want to perform a data recovery. You can free download the software and restore data effectively from the formatted Seagate Expansion external hard drive with several simple steps.

Recovering Data after Formatting Seagate Expansion with 3 Steps

Free download the software and follow the tutorial below for Seagate external hard drive data recovery:

download usb recovery software

Step1. Connect the Seagate Expansion external hard drive to your computer to see if can be recognized by your computer. Then free download, install and run iCare Data Recovery.

select recovery
Step2. Choose the Seagate external hard drive and the software would scan it.

select drive
Step3. Select every single file in the list to preview and save them to another drive.

recover files

download usb recovery software

Data Is Recoverable When Seagate Expansion Is Formatted in My Computer or Disk Management

As long as your Seagate Expansion external hard drive can be recognized normally, you are able to format the external hard drive either in "My Computer" or "Disk Management". You just need to right click the external hard drive and choose "Format" option to format it. It doesn’t you format the Seagate Expansion external hard drive in "My Computer" or "Disk Management", you are able to recover lost data after formatting with help of iCare Data Recovery.

Full Format & Quick Format on Seagate Expansion

Windows system allows you to full format or quick format a Seagate Expansion when you connect it to a computer. It may have different influence on the Seagate external hard drive when you select to full format or quick format the external drive. For instance, full format can help you check and mark bad sectors on the Seagate Expansion, when new data is written to the external hard drive, system will avoid saving the files to the sector that has bad sectors. Quick format doesn’t have such a function, so it often takes less time to quick format a device. However, data is recoverable no matter you format the Seagate Expansion with full format or quick format option.

Seagate Expansion Deleted File Recovery after formatting

iCare Data Recovery is able to restore data if seagate disk is reformatted by mistake and need to recover deleted files from formatted seagate disk.

About Seagate Expansion

Seagate hard disk and external hard disk are world famous. Seagate Expansion is a type of Seagate external hard drive. Seagate Expansion includes 1TB, 2TB, 3TB and 4TB capacity. Seagate Expansion is able to transfer data quickly with USB 3.0 connectivity. It offers a good solution when you want to add additional storage space to your computer to save any type of files like videos, movies, music, pictures and more. The Seagate Expansion external hard disk drive is compatible with all Windows computer, so you can easily connect it to your computer.

download usb recovery software

Download iCare Data Recovery to restore data


iCare Data Recovery Pro : powerful all in one rescue software for Windows All OS

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