Recovering deleted files from Seagate External Drive

There is no doubt that Seagate external hard disk often has a good quality, but you should know that external hard disk corrupt due to bad quality is not the only reason for data loss. In another word, Seagate external hard disk users cannot escape from data loss disaster, either.

Recovering Data from Seagate External HDD in All Situations

The most common reasons for Seagate external hard disk data loss is deletion and formatting. Usually, files deleted from an external hard disk will be erased permanently without being moved to a Trash. No matter you format an disk or delete files from the Seagate external hard disk, or you meet other disasters which lead Seagate external hard disk data to be lost, iCare Data Recovery can fix data from the Seagate external hard disk in all situations.

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How to Undelete Data from Seagate External Hard Disk

Step1. Connect the disk to your computer. Free download iCare Data Recovery. After running the software, you may select the proper recovery module.

select recovery
Step2. When you see all drives are shown on the software, you may select the Seagate external hard disk and click "Recover" button

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Step3. Once scanning is finished, you may select the found files and preview them one by one. Finally, you can select the files you need and restore them.

recover files

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Why Files Can Be Recovered after Deleting or Formatting

When you erase a file from a Seagate external hard disk or format the external hard disk, the files will disappear from original location. However, it doesn’t mean that the files have been removed completely from the Seagate external hard disk. The truth is that all the lost files due to deleting or formatting are still stored on the Seagate external hard disk, but they become invisible since the entries to the files have been deleted. Therefore, as long as the space where stored the lost files is not occupied by new data, data recovery software is helpful with the data recovery.

Data Recovery from Corrupted Seagate External Hard Disk

Seagate external hard disk corruption means that you are unable to read the external hard disk normally due to some error messages. For instance, when you connect your Seagate external hard disk to your computer, it can be recognized as an external device. However, Windows may tell you disk needs a format before use it and system shows the file system of the Seagate external disk as RAW. In this case, you cannot access files on the Seagate external hard disk, but all files are stored intact on the disk. At this time, you should run data recovery software rather than formatting the external hard disk.

When you want to backup data from a large hard disk, the most widely used storage device might be external hard disk because it often has large capacity and it is convenient. When selecting an external hard drive, many people will have Seagate in their mind. As the largest disk manufacturer in the world, many people think that Seagate external hard disks often have the best quality, so data stored on the Seagate disk is always safe. However there are still many data risks that you may risk losing your data on the disk.

Seagate External Hard Disk Cannot be Recognized by PC

In some situation, Seagate external hard disk might be not recognized by Windows when you insert it to your computer. If the Seagate external hard disk is not physically damaged, it can be detected by iCare Data Recovery. Only if the Seagate external hard disk can be recognized by iCare Data Recovery, you can run the software to deep scan the external disk to search for all types of files stored on it.
It doesn’t matter the files got lost from Seagate external hard disk due to deleting, formatting, or other reasons, you are not allowed to restore the files to the original location where data got lost.

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