Fix RAW External SSD Not Formatted Error

format memory card

There are many brands of ssd like Samsung Seagate sandisk, wd, toshiba... What shall we do when the ssd went raw with unsupported filesystem?

Solution: download raw ssd recovery software

Tips: SSD not formatted error recovery software iCare Data Recovery Pro free version is able to recover inaccessible data from raw ssd.


>>100% Safe raw external ssd file recovery

Download iCare Data Recovery Pro to restore inacessible files from ssd that is in raw format.

Free download and use free iCare Data Recovery Pro to retrieve data from raw ssd

And, here are simple steps for you to follow:

Step1. Insert the unformatted corrupted ssd to your computer and choose one of scan mode.

select recovery
Step2. Select the ssd.

select drive
Step3. Preview all scanned files and select the needed ones out, and save them on another storage devices.

recover files

Repair RAW SSD external disk using cmd

Do not do any other changes to the ssd like using cmd or diskpart to format the ssd before the data on the ssd were restored with iCare Data Recovery Pro. This could make the best chance of ssd data recovery.

How to fix raw ssd with cmd diskpart after data restored.

You may try the following after openning cmd window:

Type: format X:/fs:ntfs

And enter. You may replace X with the drive letter of your ssd if it was in all one partition.

format ssd using cmd

Option: And here is another cmd you may try to use to repair the damaged ssd.

format ssd using cmd


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