Fix The Parameter is Incorrect Error on External/USB HDD - 4 ways

Last updated on 1/10/2020

How to fix "* is not accessible the parameter is incorrect" error on internal hard drive, external hard drive or usb drive? How to access files when you cannot open external hdd which reports parameter incorrect error?

the parameter is incorrect


Recover data from inaccessible external/USB hard drive whose parameter is incorrect with iCare Data Recovery Pro, and then begin to fix/repair "the drive is not accessible. The parameter is incorrect" error on usb portable/removable hard disk.

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Download iCare Data Recovery Pro to free restore photos/videos from inaccessible external hd/hdd saying parameter incorrect error.

Part 1: Recover data When Receiving Parameter Incorrect Error

Immediately download and try iCare Data recovery pro to recover data before fixing drive incorrect parameter issues:

Go check more details of this free data recovery tool as below:

select recovery

Part 2: Fix External HD Not Accessible Parameter Incorrect Error

Need to repair hard drive no matter what brand (WD/Samsung/Toshiba/Seagate) not accessible parameter incorrect error without data loss? No worry. Generally, the incorrect parameter was caused by incorrect/incompatible usb connection, outdated PC drivers/operating systems, corrupted hard drive problems, hard drive bad sectors, virus and more.

And here are simple instructions for you to resolve incorrect parameter external drive issues:

Solution 1, try different enclosures/usb ports/computers to see whether it is a drive problems.

Solution 2, update computer drivers or operating systems. You may try try find some here

Solution 3, test and fix incorrect parameter external hard disk drive to see whether your drive are workable.

Solution 4, format hard disk that says the parameter is incorrect in Windows.

A, Format with disk management

format by disk management

B, Or format with cmd

[format F:/fs:ntfs] and then enter. (F should be replaced with the drive letter of your device)

format raw ntfs cmd

==>Also learn to fix parameter incorrect error using cmd/diskpart/command prompt 

==>If you have done a format on incorrect parameter hard drive, also recover formatted external drive data

The Parameter Is Incorrect Copying Files Error

While trying to copy files folders from iPhone/iPod/USB flash drive/sd/cf memory card to PC, get an error message saying/reporting: "cannot copy files from the parameter is incorrect"? Or merely get error moving/copying files or folder the parameter is incorrect when you are trying to uploading/backing up external hard drive files to computer? Also free download and use free data recovery tools to rescue pen drive/micro sd memory card data and fix the parameter is incorrect issues latter.

Last updated on Aug 30, 2021

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