Recover/Convert/Format RAW File System External Drive/USB/SD Memory Card to NTFS without Formatting/Losing Files

Last updated on 26/5/2017

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How to restore/convert/format/change/fix/repair raw file system usb hard drive/flash drive/sd memory card to ntfs without formatting/losing files in Windows 7/8/10 computers? How to do/perform free raw file system recovery on ntfs external/pen drive/memory card? Is raw file system recovery software helpful to recover files from raw format hard drive/memory card?

Answer: Easily convert/format/change/repair/fix/restore raw file system to ntfs on a corrupted/unformatted raw usb hard drive/pen drive/sd with free raw to ntfs converter/formatter/command prompts/lines after recovering files from raw file system hard drive/memory card with success. 

And, the free raw file system recovery software, iCare Data Recovery Pro free version, is helpful for you to retrieve files from usb HDD/stick/micro sd memory card turned/changing into raw file system.


>>100% Safe Free raw file system recovery tool

Download iCare Data Recovery Pro to free recover pictures, movies, audios and files from hard drive/usb drive/sd memory card with raw file system error and fix/repair/remove such raw not formatted error problems.

RAW File System Recovery/Fix/Repair Free in Windows 7/8/10

USB hard drive/stick/sd memory card suddenly switched/changed from ntfs to raw file system and inaccessible now on your Windows xp/7/8/10 laptops/desktops? Corrupted/Unreadable USB portable HD/flash drive/micro sd memory card becomes/shows/displays as raw file system and inaccessible? Or raw format external drive/thumb drive/flash memory card is blank/not formatted/not initialized or has 0 bytes free space/no file system problems? Free RAW file system recovery software is what you are seeking to recover/rescue/retrieve important data back for free. And then, free to fix/repair hard drive/memory card raw file system problems with raw to ntfs formatting/converting processes in your Windows PC.

Free download iCare Data Recovery Pro here:

download data recovery software

Also connect raw format USB hard drive/pen drive/sd memory card to your Window computer and apply Deep Scan Recovery of this iCare software to retrieve lost device data:

select recovery

==>Also get mode details to recover data from corrupted hard drive/memory card

RAW File System to NTFS Format/Convert without Formatting/Losing Data

Wonder to do/perform raw file system to ntfs format/convert without formatting/losing files? No worry! With corrupted/unformatted/blank hd/usb/sd raw file system recovery performed smoothly in advance, you can straightly convert/format/change raw hard drive/memory card to ntfs with raw to ntfs converting/formatting software/command lines/cmd/dispart.

==>Also learn more information to use diskpart to fix raw file system hard drive/memory card

==>Also go read more to convert raw file system to fat32

Cannot Format HDD/RAID/USB Drive/SSD/Memory Card to NTFS

*Don’t know why you cannot format to ntfs with raw file system since Windows unable to complete format external drive?
*HD/RAID/USB drive cannot be formatted from raw to ntfs since you want to extract/rescue photos, videos and files left inside?
*Flash drive/SSD/sd memory card is in raw file system and says it needs to be formatted. Just cannot format it in Windows PC?
No matter how and why you cannot format hdd/raid/usb drive/ssd/memory card in raw format, also try to recover raw files system hard drive/memory card data and format/convert it all with professional formatter/converter tools to take chances.

Free RAW Data Recovery Software V.S. Free RAW File System Recovery Software

Generally, when your usb portable/usb drive/sd memory card files become raw/corrupted and cannot be opened/used/accessed on Windows PC, free download free raw data recovery software to see whether these raw file system document/data is still recoverable. However, when the file system of your usb hard drive/flash drive/memory card has been changed from ntfs to raw file system, go free download free raw file system recovery software to deeply scan the selected device and get lost data back.

download data recovery software

Free downlaod raw file system recovery software

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