Convert/Format RAW to NTFS in Windows 10/8/7

Last updated on 26/5/2018

How to download free raw to ntfs converter tool to convert/format raw to ntfs on an hard drive/usb/sd memory card without formatting/losing data when Windows reports external hd or other devices as raw file system? How to recover files from raw drive on Windows system? How to convert raw drive to ntfs using command prompt diskpart?

format memory card

RAW to NTFS Converting/Formatting Problems in Windows:

1). Free download RAW to NTFS converter/formatter to convert/format/change raw file system

Answer: The RAW to NTFS file system converting/formatting tools are able to convert disk file system from raw to ntfs after raw drive data is recovered back.

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2). Cchange external drive from raw to ntfs in Windows 10/8/7

Answer: The formatting process is needed to change raw to ntfs on an drive. And, in addition, without causing cause worse data loss troubles, you should also use free raw drive/sd memory card data recovery software offered by iCare to firstly recover inaccessible raw format usb hd before applying any converter.

>>100% Safe free data recovery software for raw file system hard drive/usb/sd


Download iCare Data Recovery Pro to retrieve lost data when storage device becomes/shows raw and need be converted/formatted from raw to ntfs.

3). Convert/Format raw to ntfs using cmd diskpart in Windows

Answers:Also go try command prompt/cmd/diskpart in Windows 7/8/10.

4). Recover files from raw not formatted hard drive/memory card

Answer: Free download iCare Recovery Pro free software to recover/rescue/retrieve/reclaim/rescue inaccessible files, including photos, songs, apps, videos and more data, back with its Deep Scan Recovery mode.

Corrupted/Failed RAW External HD Data Recovery before RAW to NTFS

So, download and apply icare software on your PC to pick Deep Scan Recovery mode to take chances at first:

select recovery

Free Download RAW to NTFS Converter/Formatter Tools for Windows

Free Download RAW to NTFS Converter/Formatter Tools for Windows "the drive is not formatted error" the drive is not formatted errorissues on a Windows xp/7/8/10 computer/android phone/digital camera. So, in order to let the raw format hard drive accessible again, after doing a successfully raw file system recovery, also free download raw to ntfs converter tools which helps people convert raw format to NTFS with simple clicks and high efficiency.

Of course, without any will to purchase raw to ntfs file system converting utilities, also use diskpart to fix raw usb drive.

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Unable to Convert RAW Format to NTFS

* Unable to convert raw to ntfs since Windows cannot format drive/memory card
*Unable to format raw file system to ntfs due to  I/O device error"message?
*Unable to change raw format to ntfs when you do wonder to get data back from raw hdd in advance?
OK! As long as this original hard drive with raw not formatted error is still recognizable, merely recover raw format storage device information and then, format/convert it carefully with software/diskpart cmd.

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