Free RAW File System Recovery/Repair when Disk/USB Drive/SD Is Corrupted/Blank/Not Formatted due to RAW

Last updated on 18/5/2017

External hard drive/partition/flash drive/sd becomes/says/shows/changes/turns into raw file system/blank/0 bytes free space and cannot be accessed without format now in Windows 7/8/10 computers? How to fix/repair raw file system on blank/corrupted hard drive/partition/USB/sd memory card? How convert/format/change raw file system to fat32 without formatting/losing data? How to recover files from raw file system drive/partition/usb key/Micro SD memory card for free?

RAW File System Recovery/Fix Problems as Below:

1. How to fix/repair raw file system error on blank/corrupted hard drive/usb key/sd in Windows xp/7/8/10

Format disk/usb/sd to fix/repair raw file system problems when usb hard drive/partition volume/flash drive/Micro sd memory card becomes/shows/changed/turned into raw/blank/0 bytes free space/not formatted error in Windows xp/7/8/10. However, do not quick/full format raw format drive/sd unless you save no important data inside the drive/memory card with raw file system or retrieve lost files from HD/partition/pen drive/memory card in raw with free raw file system recovery software in advance.

2). How to convert/change/format raw file system to fat32 without formatting/losing data?

There is no method to convert/change usb portable hard drive/thumb drive/cf memory card without any formatting/data loss. However, before changing/formatting/converting file system from raw to fat32 with diskpart/command lines/cmd/raw to fat32 converter/formatter, applying raw drive recovery program to recover raw file system hard drive/memory card information helps reduce data loss.

==>Read more details here: Free convert raw to fat32/Free format raw to ntfs

3). How to recover/rescue/retrieve files from raw file system drive/partition/usb stick/Micro sd memory card?

Free download hard drive/memory card raw format error recovery tool help scan and recover/rescue/retrieve data from corrupted/blank/unformatted storage device before removing raw file system from HDD/pen drive/partition/sd.

==>If you want to read more details of raw file system error formatting issues, check these articles: RAW to fat32 convert command prompt/cmd/diskpart

==>When CHDSK reports raw drive error, also go read this: chkdsk not available for raw drives error recovery

>>100% Safe RAW File System Free Recovery


Download iCare Data Recovery Pro to restore documents/videos/songs/apps/files from memory card/hard drive/flash drive with raw file system error.

What Is RAW File System?

Generally, raw file system often indicate a state that computer hard drive/partiton/usb/memory card has no/unrecognized file system format or has not been formatted on any computer. Hence, change/convert raw to fat32 with formatting process.

RAW File System Recovery Tool Free Download

Free download raw file system recovery software, like iCare Recovery Pro free edition, to rescue inaccessible files from external drive/usb flash drive/sd memory card changing into raw.

download data recovery software

And, its Deep Scan Recovery mode always help scan the allocated raw format hard drive/memory card thorouhgly and retrieve inaccessible files as you wish.

select recovery

Free RAW File System Partition Recovery

When Windows 7/8/10 shows partitions as raw file system, you free download raw partition recovery utility to recover data from raw format partition for free before converting file system from raw to fat32.

RAW File System Error on iPhone/Android

Cannot access raw file system Micro sd/sd memory card on iPhone/amdroid phone now? Without data message/phone/file backups saved elsewhere, copy them all back. Without data backups saved, also perform raw sd memory card file recovery on a PC and format/convert Micro sd memory card from raw to fat32.

==>Tips: Also learn a lesson to back up iPhone/android phone data online

No matter whether your raw external hard drive/flash drive/sd memory card/partition is corrupted/blank/not formatted/unrecognized now, please immediately stop using this USB disk/flash memory card with raw file system error in case that any newly added photo and file will completely destroy the original device information and let you lose data permanently.

Download the free software now to restore inaccessible data you need including pictures, videos, audios, offcie documents and files, etc from memory card/hard drive in raw format.

Format a Write Protected RAW USB Drive/SD Memory Card

When a USB drive/sd memory card in raw file system could not be formatted from raw to fat32 due to write protection, you can easily remove write protection, recover raw format flash drive/memory card files and format/convert raw to fat32 at last.

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