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What can we do when hard drive became raw or usb external drive changed from fat32 to raw unrecognized file system? How to convert/format hard drive from raw to fat32 in Windows 7/8/10 without formatting/losing data when hard disk suddenly becomes into raw that has no file system? Is it possible to convert/format raw to fat32 on external/internal hard drive without losing data? What to do when Windows cannot format external hard drive?

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Table of contents

  1. Part 1: Recover files from raw hard drive
  2. Part 2: Convert/format hard drive raw file system to fat32 with cmd
  3. Part 3: Convert seagate/wd/samsung hard drive raw to fat32

Question: Can I Convert/format hard drive raw to fat32 without data loss?

Answer: No. In order to change/convert file system of usb/internal hard drive from raw to fat32, formatting process often is needed. And you are also not able to convert/change raw hd to fat32 without data loss. Of course, use raw hard drive recovery tool, like iCare Data Recovery Pro, to rescue hard disk files back as you wish, if necessary.

Video - how to change raw hd to fat32

Part 1: Recover files from raw hard drive (portable&internal disk)

>>100% Safe raw hard drive file recovery


Download iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover inaccessible videos, images, world documents and files from raw file system usb hd/thumb drive before any raw to ntfs converting/formatting.

Step 1: Download and install the raw external drive recovery software - iCare Recovery Pro

select recovery mode

Step 2: Connect your raw disk to PC and select 'Deep Scan Recovery' in iCare

Step 3: Save data from raw disk onto another disk.

recover files

Will formatting/converting delete raw disk data?

Formatting or converting raw hard drive no matter to fat32 or ntfs would change its structures and also bring data loss to your hard disk.

We do not recommend you convert the disk directly since there may be old important data inside of the disk.

Note of importance: formatting would erase everything on the hard disk. So, please do restore data from the inaccessible raw hard drive before the converting.

Part 2: Convert hard drive raw file system to fat32 with cmd

FAT32 is a most often used file system for lots of storage devices like usb flash drive, portable hard drive. When it was damaged by virus, system crash, power failure or unsafe removal... it would become raw and not readable by PC and warn a formatting is required under such circumstances.

Solution 1: Convert usb hard drive raw to fat32 with cmd

Open cmd by typing 'cmd' after Windows -> 'Find&Search' and a cmd window would pop up.

[format x:/fs:fat32]
x can be replaced by the raw memory card that shows on your PC; ntfs/fat32/exfat are most common file system for a good memory card, usb disk etc. Here replace ntfs with fat32 in the following photo.
format raw fat32 cmd

Solution 2: Convert hard drive raw to fat32 with disk management or format option by Windows.

format raw disk

Question: Windows was not able to complete format

What if Windows failed to format the device when it was badly damaged? Then you may need a usb format tool like HP USB FORMAT TOOL.

You may free download disk converter/formatter over the internet safely. Run the tool with administrator

format raw disk

==>If Windows was unable to complete the format on your PC, go get details to resolve such problems here => Windows was unable to complete the format external hard drive

==>If you want to convert/change/format usb/removable hard drive using cmd/diskpart/command prompt/line, also read more details here => Diskpart/command prompt to format usb hard drive

How to Convert Seagate/WD/Samsung USB Hard Drive RAW to FAT32

If your disk of Seagate/WD/Samsung/Dell/Sony usb/internal/portable hard drive also has not formatted error with raw file system issues, a hard drive file recovery should be make at first to take inaccessible drive files and folders back. And, then, format Samsung/WD/Seagate/Dell USB hard drive from raw to fat32 with the following steps:

Step 1: Download iCare Data Recovery Pro to get seagate disk data back

download data recovery software

Step 2: Run the program and scan your raw seagate disk data and save found data onto another safe disk

recover files

Step 3: Run cmd to convert raw seagate disk fat32

[format x:/fs:fat32]

No matter how your raw usb portable hard drive shows now, including dispaying as unformatted/0 bytes free space/unsupported file system, do not rush to format this storage device to avoid any further data loss.

Download external drive raw file system recovery software now to retrieve data on your Windows 7/8/10 laptops/desktop computers.

==>If you need convert/format hard drive raw to ntfs, go visit here => Change/convert raw to ntfs

Is it Possible to Convert External Hard Drive from RAW to FAT32 Using TestDisk?

TestDisk, with its companion software called PhotoRec is a dos-like data recovery program that is able to help users recover documents and files from portable/external hard disk with raw file system to fat32 converting issues. It does not help directly convert/format raw usb/removable hard drive from raw to fat32.

How to Fix RAW External Hard Drive when CHKDSK Is Not Available for RAW

Computer removable hard drive cannot be accessed for not formatted error and chkdsk is not available for raw drives now? No worry! When internal/external hard drive turns into raw, CHKDSK often cannot work and will give such CHKDSK raw drive error message. Hence, go remove raw file system from hard drive to restore its functional use. So, also convert hd to fat32 after you do perform successful hard drive raw file system recovery process.

==>Go visit here to read more details of chkdsk raw drive problem => CHKDSK not available for raw drives

Extra Problems while Converting RAW to FAT32 on an Internal/External HD

1). Convert is not available for raw drives

While running raw to fat32 converting tool on your PC, selecting the target fat32 file system and starting the conversion, software just says "convert is not available for raw drives"? OK! Perhaps, you have downloaded and applied a raw converting program that is not compatible with fat32 file system type. Go try another.

2).Could not schedule an automatic conversion of the drive

While trying to schedule an automatic conversion of the raw format USB/removable HDD, the converting utility just reports it could not schedule an automatic conversion of the drive? OK! It could be caused by locked/password protected external/internal hard drive issues, converting software bugs, and computer administrator account issues, etc. Go check it.

Last updated on Aug 30, 2021

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