How to Fix/Remove/Repair CHKDSK RAW Error on Hard Drive/USB Stick/Memory Card without Data Loss

Last updated on 18/5/2017

The type of file system is RAW and CHKDSK is not available for raw drives when you are running chkdsk on an external drive/pen drive/sd memory card? How to fix/repair/remove chkdsk not available for raw drives/chkdsk raw errors on a disk/usb/sd in Windows 7/810 computer? How to recover/rescue files when chkdsk reports/says/detects drive is raw?

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CHKDSK RAW Drive Error Problems and Solutions:

1). How to fix/repair/remove chkdsk not available for raw drives error in Windows 7/8/10/Vista

With no need of any data left inside, you can format usb hard disk/flash drive/memory card to fix/repair/remove chkdsk not available for raw drives error in Windows 7/8/10/Vista. However, if you do urgently need rescue/recover/access files inside, free download raw drive recovery software to take lost data back before any format.

2). How to recover/rescue/retrieve data when chkdsk reports/says/detects raw drives?

Go try free raw file system recovery software iCare Data Recovery Pro Free and perform a thorough scan there to recover/retrieve/rescue photos, apps, games, documents, music and files on an external hard disk/thumb drive/Micro sd memory card, when chkdsk reports/says/detects drive is raw.

>>100% Safe Free chkdsk raw drive data recovery


Download iCare Data Recovery Pro to rescue data, like images, music, software, games, videos, audios and files, from usb hard drive/flash drive/sd memory card when chkdsk reports not availabe for raw drives.

Free CHKDSK RAW Drive/USB/SD Recovery

While running a chkdsk on a corrupted/unreadable/unrecognized/unformatted/undetected usb portable hard drive/flash drive/sd memory card, Windows gives chkdsk raw drive error message and asks to format? Need recover files from raw file system hard drive/memory card? Stop saving new files on this hard drive/pen drive/memory card with chkdsk raw drive errors and perform chkdsk raw drive/usb/sd recovery there with the help of raw file system recovery software iCare Data Recovery Pro.

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corrupted USB HD/USB Drive/SD CHKDSK Not Working

When running chkdsk to check/fix/repair corrupted/damaged/unreadable usb HD/flash drive/Micro SD memory card, chkdsk stuck there and does not work? Also try to format hard drive/usb stick/memory card to remove all possible storage device problems off from hard drive/memory card with chkdsk not working problems. Of course, if you wonder to recover corrupted hard drive/memory card data, also free download file recovery program at first. 

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How to Run CHKDSK on External Hard Drive/USB Key/Memory Card?

There are often two ways to run CHKDSK on an External Hard Drive/USB Key/Memory Card

Method1: Run CHKDSK with CMD/command lines/diskpart

Plunge external hard drive/usb flash drive/sd memory card to your PC and open CMD. And then, type in "chkdsk /r/f" and start the chkdsk scanning process. 

Please Note: While typing in "chkdsk /r/f", the "f" often stands for the storage device letter that need be tested.

Method2: Run CHKDSK with Error-Checking button

Right click the hard drive/thumb drive/sd memory card you want to test and select Properties to hit Tools tab. Press Checking now button there to go on.

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CHKDSK Test for Blackberry/Samsung/HTC Phone

Micro SD/SD memory card gets corrupted somehow, cannot be accessed asking to format, or shows blank or unsupported file system, and Blackberry/Samsung/HTC/LG phone asks to run CHKDSK test to fix memory card errors? Extract sd memory card out from Blackberry/Samsung/HTC cell mobile safely and connect it to your PC with a card reader. And then, select one method mentioned above to perform chkdsk testing there.

download data recovery softwareDownload iCare Data Recovery Pro

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