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Recover Data from 4TB Disk with iCare Data Recovery Pro V7.9.0



iCare Recovery has upgraded its product, iCare Data Recovery Pro, from its original 7.8.2 version to the newly designed 7.9.0 version, to help recover data from 4TB disk after unexpected delete, shift delete, format, reformat, virus attacking, computer crashing, disk corrupting and more disk data loss troubles.

Mar. 21, 2016 – Today, iCare Recovery has announced and released its newest version of iCare Data Recovery Pro, the 7.9.0 version, for everyone all over the word to cope with different 4TB disk data loss troubles with faster speed and higher efficiency. Moreover, though the iCare Data Recovery Pro V7.9.0 has been upgraded with more features, its regular price will not be changed. Hence, if you or people around you really need perform 4TB disk data recovery, go download this newest version to see whether it is workable for you or your friends to recover lost, deleted, shift deleted, missing or inaccessible pictures, videos, songs, Word/PPT/PDF/Archive/TXT documents, messages, mails and more information back from 4TB disk with several clicks.  

Recover Data from 4TB Disk with iCare Data Recovery Pro V7.9.0

When you have deleted or shift deleted some important business or personal files and folders off from 4TB disks that are used as backup storage devices, when you have formatted, reformatted, quick formatted or fully formatted 4TB hard disks without data backups or when your 4TB disks keep asking you to format due to RAW file system error, virus infection problems, logical damages, computer crashing and more issues before any access, the newest version, iCare Data Recovery Pro V 7.9.0 is your choice to scan the 4TB disks and take original data back with ease and safety.

Key Features of iCare Data Recovery Pro V7.9.0

And the iCare Data Recovery Pro V7.9.0 has offered people many key features as below:
1). Offer three data recovery modes to recover lost data from 4TB disk: Deep Scan Recovery, Deleted File Recovery and Lost Partition Recovery.
2). Offer an easy-to-use data recovery interface, including the easy-to-understand hotkeys and buttons, Wizard-like installing guidance, four simple data recovery steps (like Installing, Scanning, Previewing and Recovering) and more.
3). It is read-only so that it will not rewrite the original 4TB disk images, videos, and data to cause worse data loss troubles.
4). Support PPT, Outlook PST, PDF, TXT, Doc or Docs files, pictures, messages, videos, mails, audios, movies and more files.
5). Help deal with various 4TB disk data loss problems, like disk RAW file system errors, not formatted/unformatted disk errors, disk blank or unsupported file system errors, CHKDSK RAW drive errors, deleted file loss problems, shift deleted disk data loss problems, reformatted or formatted disk data loss problems, virus infected disk data loss troubles, corrupted disk data loss troubles and more.
Overall, no matter why and how you have deleted or lost your 4TB disk information, with the same price US$69, the latest version, iCare Data Recovery Pro V7.9.0, is able to help you get the original disk data back.

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