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Review of iCare Data Recovery by Ghacks

April 22, 2014, Ghacks, one of the most popular technology website on the Internet, gives review of iCare Data Recovery software.

Ghacks’s author Martin Brinkmann tested the iCare Data Recovery and recommended this software in his review:

"The recovery software iCare Data Recovery provides a solution for all three scenarios. It can be used to recover formatted drives and partitions including external storage devices like flash cards (for instance to recover deleted photos from the digital camera's flash card), iPod and basically any storage device that can be connected to a PC."

About Ghacks

Ghacks is a technology blog which was founded by Martin Brinkmann in 2005. This website has five authors and some regular guest contributors. This website mainly provides software reviews, Windows tips and guides, online service, tech news and tips, etc.

About the Author

Martin Brinkmann is a German who founded Ghacks. He is a journalist and interested in everything about technology and computers. He likes to review all kinds of software and hardware that he gets on Internet.

Review Details

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