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Review of iCare Data Recovery by dotTech

techulator reviewDecember 9, 2013, iCare Recovery receive review of iCare Data Recovery Software by dotTech, which is a technology blog providing software reviews and tips.

dotTech’s author Ashraf tested iCare Data Recovery software and reviewed this software:

"iCare Data Recovery Software (referred to henceforth as iCDRS) is a program that allows users to perform file/”partition” recovery. I put partition recovery in quotes because the partition recovery features of iCDRS really aren’t partition recovery features; they are better described as file recovery features renamed and called partition recovery. Right now you may think what I am saying makes no sense but you will understand why I say this after you have read this whole review."

About dotTech

dotTech is a technology blog, which was founded in 2008. This website provides its visitors with software and app reviews, tips and advices, etc.

About the Author

Ashraf is the founder and writer of dotTech, who spends lots of time on this website. He is a weird but also friendly guy. He has been indulged in websites since he started using Internet. dotTech was built by Ashraf because his friend asked for him to help build a website for a local mosque.

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