How to fix you need to format the disk on raw micro sd card


What can you do when micro sd card says you need to format it before you can use it? What’s wrong with the memory card when it has warning ‘you need to format the disk’? How to prevent this error in the future? Here this article would give answers to all previous concerned questions.

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"My sdhc memory card suddenly pops up you need to format it before you can use, I can no longer access the data on the memory card, how can access the data on the sd card and get it work again?" -- Tinny A user

Why sd card suddenly says you need to format it

Sometimes when you connect your memory card to your computer, suddenly, it pops out a messages telling that your sd memory card need to be formatted. It mostly means that  your sd card memory card may get corrupted.

It can be caused by many reasons, like:

Virus attack

Improper operation on the usb flash drive

Abrupt remove the usb from computer without safe ejection

Abruptly cancel the format process

Internal files get corrupted somehow

Besides these reasons above, even some unknown reasons can make your usb pen drive corrupted, but the only thing you need to know is how to fix it and prevent it.

The truth of a raw micro sd card

Raw is a type of file system, which means no format, and all the data has been erased. If your micro sd card becomes to raw, it means your micro sd card gets corrupted, and all the data on it was deleted, so your device will shown as 0 bytes.

What can we do when your memory card warns you need to format it

Don’t worry, there are still ways to fix your micro sd memory card which reports it needs to be formatted. And you can really fix your micro sd memory card without any data loss.

A. Recover data from micro sd card used on android phone, camera etc.

If your sd card says it needs to be formatted, what you need to do first is not to format it, you should know that all your data on the raw micro sd card has gone, if there are something important to you, you need to recover the data at first. Recovering the data on the raw drive is not as easy as restore data from recycle bin, you need a data recovery tool to help you make it. iCare Data Recovery is a safe software for data recovery, you can free download at its website.

Instructions of recovering data

Step 1: open the program and choose Deep Scan Recovery mode.

Step 2: Choose your device to scan.

Step 3: Preview the found data.

Step 4: Save your needed data to another place. DO NOT save data to the raw drive.

B. Format the raw micro sd to fat32, exfat, or ntfs

After data recovery, you can format the raw micro sd card to fat32, exfat, or ntfs to fix the error. You can use the format option on the windows or system command prompt CMD.

You can learn more at Raw SD Card Recovery

How to prevent such error

Now you have your raw micro sd card fixed, you also need to know how to prevent such error. Here are some advice.

1. Buy a reliable brand of micro sd card. Storage device like micro sd card can be vulnerable to get corrupted, choose a reliable brand product can provide you better quality.

2. Do not take out the micro sd card from your phone when your phone is not shutdown. Also do not unplug your micro sd card when you are transferring data from your micro sd card.

3. Do not install any malware on your phone. Avoiding installing unknown software can prevent you from virus infection.

4. Do not unplug your micro sd card from your computer without safe ejection.

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