Windows Was Unable to Format Micro SD Card

Windows was unable to complete the format on a micro SD card? This problem usually results from many reasons. For example,
>> You are trying to format a micro SD card that is in use by another window or program
>> You are formatting a micro SD card to file system that is not compatible with it

==> To learn all possible reasons that lead a micro SD card is not able to be formatted, please go to this page – Windows was unable to complete the format

Windows Cannot Format RAW Micro SD Card

A micro SD card would turn to RAW file system due to many reasons, such as:
>> Micro SD card suffers from virus attack
>> Micro SD card is corrupted due to improper operation
>> You mistakenly format micro SD card and lead it to RAW by stopping the formatting before it is completed

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>> Quick Solution for Micro SD Card Recovery When Windows Cannot Format It


Download iCare Data Recovery Pro for file recovery from micro SD card when you receive message that Windows cannot complete the format.

How to Recover Files When Micro SD Card Cannot Be Formatted?

iCare Data Recovery works on all micro SD card for data recovery when it cannot be formatted:

Step1. Run the software and select a proper scan mode.

select recovery mode

Step2. Select the micro SD card so that the software will scan it for lost data.

wait while scanning

Step3. Preview files and then save all data that you need to recover.

preview found photo

Any further operation on an unformatted micro SD card might lead data to be lost permanently, so please stop using the micro SD card for the sake of data security. You can try whatever you want to fix the micro SD card after data recovery!

Unable to Format Micro SD Card

"My 32GB micro SD card stopped responding all of a sudden while copying files from it to my laptop. When I reinsert the micro SD card, Windows asked me to format the card. When I clicked yes to confirm the format, my micro SD card keeps freezing or finally Windows show a message cannot complete the format. How to get this 32GB micro SD card formatted?" – User A from forum

"I connected my micro SD card to computer that runs Windows 7, it says the card needs to be formatted. I get another message saying Windows was unable to complete format after clicking quick format." – User B from forum

==> To read the users’ original question here: Source Forum


For problems above when micro SD card is unable to be formatted by Windows PC, you can go to this page – Windows unable to format problem fixing
Micro SD card is available in various capacities from 128MB to 64GB. Today, the micro SD card whose capacity is less than 1GB is almost no longer for sale because it cannot meet user’s demands to store a large amount of data. 16GB, 32 and 64GB micro SD card are widely used by many people. Of course, you can also use a micro SD card that has capacity of 1GB, 2GB, 4GB or 8GB.
In normal case, a micro SD card is able to be formatted by any Windows OS including Windows XP, Vista, 7. 8. 10.

Cannot Format Micro SD Card in Smartphone

Micro SD card has a small size, so it is usually compatible with different kinds of smartphone such as Blackberry, Samsung galaxy, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. Usually, you cannot use a micro SD card in digital camera because camera usually needs a larger size memory card such as SD card or CF card.
How to Format Micro SD Card in Android Phone?

Usually, you can follow the guide below to format a micro SD card in Android phone:

Step1. Click "Settings" on your phone

settings on android

Step2. Select the "Storage" under "Settings" menu


Step3. Select "Format micro SD card"

format card

If you fail to format a micro SD card in any smartphone, you can get method to format an unformatted micro SD card without losing any data.
==> Please go to this page: how to format micro SD card without data loss

Micro SD Card Reports Unable to Be Formatted by Windows

Micro SD card is available in various brands, so you may get message that Windows is unable to complete the format on different micro SD card:
1. SanDisk micro SD card reports it is unable to be formatted

You can find SanDisk micro SD in different series such as SanDisk Ultra and SanDisk Extreme.

==> Please go to this article for SanDisk micro SD card recovery when it cannot be formatted: SanDisk micro SD card is unformatted and asks to reformat
2. Samsung micro SD card says it cannot be formatted

Samsung is another popular brand which manufactures micro SD card as well as some other digital devices like smartphone, computer, external hard drive, etc.

==> Related page: Samsung micro SD card RAW file system fixing
3. Kingston micro SD card reports unable to be formatted

Kingston micro SD card is available for you to expand the storage memory for your smartphone, music player, etc with a compatible microSD card slot.

==> Please refer to this this article for troubleshooting on Kingston micro SD card: Kingston micro SD card RAW
4. Windows reports PNY micro SD card was not able to be formatted

PNY micro SD cards like PNY Elite and PNY Pro Elite are compatible with Android phone, tablet, action camera, etc.

Please go to this page for data recovery from PNY micro SD card when it has any trouble: PNY micro SD card recovery
5. Windows was unable to complete format on Transcend micro SD card

Transcend micro SD card is availalbe in Transcend microSD, microSDHC and microSDXC, which has different capacities and usualy available in mobile phones and tablets.

==> If you are unable to access Transcend micro SD card since Windows was unable to format it, you can refer to this page: Transcend micro SD card recovery
6. Windows pops up message Sony micro SD card cannot be formatted

Sony micro SD card is compatible with digital devices like smartphone, tablet, camera or PC from Sony, Motorola, Samsung and LG, etc.

Fix Damaged Micro SD Card That Is Not Able to Be Formatted

Generally speaking, micro SD card asks to reformat because its file system is corrupted. Windows is unable to complete the format usually is usually the result of corrupted file system. If it is logical damage like virus infection, you can fix the corrupted micro SD card.
==> To repair a logical corrupted micro SD card that is unable to be formatted, please visit: Windows cannot complete the format

For physically damaged micro SD card, you have to repair it by sending it to a professional memory card repair center.

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