Windows Media Player Cannot Play the File Error Help

Window Computer Media Player Cannot Play Invalid Format Files?

"Hello, last night, after attaching an external hard disk to my PC, my computer gave an error message saying 'Windows media player cannot play the files. The player may not support the file type or might not support the code that was used to compress the file' while trying to play some audios stored inside that external drive with the Windows media player. What do you know about that Windows media player error message? Is it still possible to read those audios with computer Windows media player? Please help me if you do know anything related. Thank you very much!"

Hello, what version of Windows do you have installed on your computer? Have you updated your Window media player regularly? How about these audio files stored inside that USB hard disk? Are they still playable?

Why You Get Windows Media Player Invalid Format File Error Message?

Generally speaking, people often will get the related Windows media invalid format file error messages when their computer Windows media player or the file that needs to be played gets problems as below:

1). Windows media player is outdated.

Such Windows built-in tools, like your Windows media player, often could be updated to allow people have more powerful features. Take your As Windows media player as an example. It is also able to be updated and allows people to read much more files with different file types. However, when your Windows media player is outdated, the type of compatible audio files also could be limited, which let you do have more chances to receive such "computer Windows media player cannot play the file" error messages.

2).The file format of your selected audios is no supported by the Windows Media player.

What type of your selected audio files is? Honestly, the computer Windows media player does support many prevailed audio formats, like WAV, MP3, WMA, VOX and more. But, it doesn't support all existing audio file formats. When your audio files do have unsupported file formats, you also can absolutely get such invalid file format error issues.

3).The selected external hard disk audio files are damaged anyway.

Such "computer Windows media player cannot play the file" error problems also could occur to people when the audio files stored inside that external drives have already been damaged somehow, like too frequently data transformation, hard disk bad sectors, virus attacking, improper hard disk plunging and extracting and more .

4). The Windows computer gets no workable audio device or audio device driver, like the sound card.

Of course, your USB hard disk audio files also cannot be played by your Windows media player since there is no workable audio device or audio device driver used. Do you have attacked a high-qualified sound card on your PC? How long have you used that sound card on your PC? Have you downloaded a compatible sound device driver that is compatible with your Windows OS? Have you kept updating the driver? Go check these tips.

What You Can Do With Such Windows Media Player Cannot Play the File Error Message?

In order to play these audio files smoothly there, you can go follow these solutions:

1). Update your Windows media player.

If your Windows media player has not ever been updated or has not been updated for a really long time, go check the Windows OS official website and download the latest updates. And see whether these audios could be played well there after installing all related updates well there.

2). Check whether the Windows media player supports the file format of your needed audios.

You are not sure whether your audio file format is supported by the Windows media player or not? Or your drive audio files really do have an unfamiliar format? Go check whether the Windows media player supports the audio file formats or not. What you should do is merely open your internet and go verify the compatible file formats searched over the internet one by one.

3). Verify whether these USB hard disk audio files are damaged or not.

It is really possible to damage stored external hard disk audio files in daily use. Therefore, also go check the state of these audios files to see whether the similar "computer Windows media player cannot play the file" error messages happen to you due to damaged file formats. What you are supposed to do is try to read these files on another computer or machines.

4). Check whether the related audio device and audio device driver works well there.

When there is no computer audio device, like sound card, or audio device driver, go get one for your PC. When the used audio device or audio device driver can no longer work functionally there due to long time use or other reasons, go update or purchase one for your PC.

5). Choose and download another compatible audio player online.

Of course, there is not only the Windows media player that can work under Windows OS environment. Honestly, there are countless free audio players that can work on different Window computers. Hence, you can easily select and download another compatible audio player with much more features than the Windows media player over the internet and go apply it to play your wanted audio files. 

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