Windows Internet Explorer Stops Working

What to Do When Computer Internet Explorer Stops Working, Freezes or Crashes?

Recently, computer Internet Explorer keeps freezing, crashing or even finally stops working while you are browsing diversified websites? Also receive an error message saying: "Windows Explorer has stopped working, Windows is restarting…"? Want to know why your computer browser gets such problems and also find solutions to fix it completely? OK! No worry. As a common computer problem, such computer internet explorer not working issue is not as difficult as you think. After finding why you get such error messages, you do also can adopt proper solutions to remove such computer error problems correspondingly. Here is the related computer Internet explorer not working problem information in details. Hope you can get some useful clues.

What Makes Your Computer Internet Explorer Stops Working, Freezes or Crashes Suddenly?

The reasons behind this computer "Internet Explorer has stopped working" error could be different according to different computer conditions. However, most of them are related with the Internet Explorer state. Go find your actual causes as below:

1). Your Internet Explorer version may be already outdated.
As we all know, the Internet Explorer browser produced by Microsoft Company is also updated by its designers so that it could be equipped with more advanced features and less shortcoming. That’s also why you are suggested to download and install updates for your PC internet Explorer. However, if your internet explorer has not been updated for a very, very long time, your old browser version also is able to be corrupted over the time. Hence, you’d better go check the updates at first.
2). Install too many add-ons.
In these days, many web browsers, like FireFox and Google Chrome, allow users to install needed add-ons there so that they can easily enjoy some extra wonderful features. So does the Internet Explorer. However, you also should know the idea that the more the add-ons you have chosen and installed, the better use you will have is not correct. Honestly, too many add-ons installed there will also occupy more computer resources and also become a burden for your internet explorer to run well. Hence, you’d better check your internet explorer add-ons as well.
3). Open too many websites at a time.
As a computer users, you must have experienced that your internet explorer will freeze, crash or even stop working when you do have open too much websites as a time. Hence, remember to close the useless websites as soon as possible in the future.
4). Have a virus infection on your computer.
The computer viruses are often unpredictable and also bring many abnormal computer error problems, like extremely reducing computer free memory, strangely missing files, folder and programs, and weirdly showing file and folder shortcuts, etc. And the computer internet Explorer not working error message also could be one of the symptoms of virus infection. Hence, go check your PC with antivirus software.

How to Fix "Computer Explorer Has Stopped Working" Error Problem?

Such computer "Windows Explorer has stopped working" error problems really affects your motion to surf the internet, play online game, enjoy online movies, songs or the like information and really need to fix it completely? All right! To help you resolve such computer error issues, here are some major solutions for you to take chances:

1). Go check, download and install computer Internet Explorer updates.
When did you update your computer Internet Explorer? If it is really a pretty long time ago, go check the Microsoft official website, download and install the latest updates for your computer internet explorer browsers. And then, see whether such not working error message will pop out again.

2). Go check and reduce add-ons installed on your internet explorers.
As you've read above, too many add-ons used on your internet explorers at a time also can negatively affect the functional performance of your internet explorers and even bring more serous issues. Go open your add-on lists, check them all and remove all unnecessary ones there. Merely click the "Tools" tab and choose "Manage Add-ons" option to disable the useless ones there.

3).Go reset your internet explorer.
In some cases, go reset your internet explorer browser also helps remove such not working error problems. Here is what you are supposed to do:

Step1. Open "Internet Options" Windows: open Internet Explorer browser => Tools => Internet Options.

Step2. Click "Advanced" tab and mark "Enable third-party browser extensions (requires restart)" option in the drop-down list.

Step3. Press "OK" and go see whether that error messages are removed forever.

Please Note: In many cases, restoring the Internet Explorer to its "Default Level" also helps fix many simple browser problems. You could remember this well.

4).Go scan entire computer for possible viruses or mal-wares.
If you want to make sure whether this "explorer stopped working" error issues are caused by viruses or mal-wares, you can start your computer antivirus software to perform a thorough antivirus scanning on entire computer. After the long-time scanning, just follow the software suggestions to remove, delete or separate all suspicious files and folders.

Of course, generally, the full hard disk format also helps wipe every threat or virus completely off from your computer. So, with all important computer data backed up well on else storage devices, you also can format computer hard disk to clean your PC up.
Please Note: If you purposely format computer hard disk to wipe everything dangerous, you can go try some format recovery software to recover data from formatted drive

Information about Computer Data Loss Troubles:

Want to recover data deleted from emptied Recycle Bin? Need rescue computer internal hard disk data after a quick or full format? Or wonder to take inaccessible files back from RAW file system USB thumb drive? No worry! Go check all your storage devices and see whether you can find some extra copies of the lost computer information. No matter how much original data you’ve found, merely save it well. And then, as with the rest data, go download and apply data recovery software that often is especially designed for people to recover files, videos, songs, movies, messages, texts and other information from different storage devices after accidental delete, format, reformat, computer crash, computer power surge, virus infection and other improper human operations.

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