Windows 7 Blue Screen Fix

There is no doubt that it is a frustrating experience when Windows 7 shows blue screen which usually freezes your computer and stops you from performing any operation. Windows 7 usually needs to reboot in order to work normally again. However, it might cause many troubles due to a sudden reboot of your computer. Probably, you are preparing an important document when Windows 7 reboots due to blue screen. Or you are transferring data from an external hard drive to your computer when Windows 7 suddenly stops working and shows blue screen of death. Windows 7 shows blue screen and reboots automatically is to prevent damage to your computer, but there is no100% guarantee that your computer will not suffer any harm. Sometimes, it still causes system crash, data loss and more other unexpected problems.

How to Recover Data When Windows 7 Shows Blue Screen?

It may cause data loss due to sudden reboot of Windows 7 system after showing a blue screen, in which situation you can use iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover lost data:

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Step1. Free download and install iCare Data Recovery on your computer. Launch the software and choose a proper scan mode.

select recovery mode

Step2. Select the disk drive where data got lost and then the software will scan it to search lost files.

wait while scanning

Step3. Preview files after scanning and then save the lost files to another drive.

preview found photo

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Data Loss due to Blue Screen on Windows 7

Sometimes, you find that important data got lost after a reboot of your computer since it show blue screen, so you simply believe it is blue screen that results in data loss from your computer. In fact, data got lost due to system crash when the Windows 7 operating system reaches a condition where it cannot run safely. Blue screen error might occur for any reason. Windows 7 usually reboots automatically when blue screen problem occurs because it wants to prevent unexpected damage to your computer due to unknown reasons. Windows 7 computer suddenly reboots for the safety of all programs and data on your computer. However, you may still encounter data loss when Windows 7 reboots after showing blue screen:

1. You are transferring data from an external hard drive or pen drive to your computer, but Windows 7 shows blue screen and reboots all of a sudden in the data transferring process. In this situation, it might cause file system corruption on the external hard drive or pen drive, which lead the external hard drive or pen drive inaccessible after rebooting the computer.

2. You do not have enough time to save data when Windows 7 reboots suddenly after displaying blue screen.
iCare Data Recovery provides a read-only solution for data recovery from any storage media when you encounter data loss due to Windows 7 blue screen. For instance, you can use iCare Data Recovery to:

Reasons Why Windows 7 Shows Blue Screen

Many people reflected that the blue screen problem often occurs on Windows computer without a clear reason. It seems like that computer often shows blue screen randomly without clearly telling what is wrong. Well, here are some possible reasons that might result in Windows 7 blue screen issue:

1. One of the drivers is not compatible with the new installed hardware.
2. You have installed a program which is not compatible with the Windows operating system.
3. The hard drive installed on your computer contains too many bad sectors.
4. Your computer is infected with virus which causes system crash.
5. Hard disk drive contains too many fragments.

Windows 7 Blue Screen of Death Fixing Solution

It would cause many troubles to your computer if it frequently shows blue screen of death and reboots automatically. Then, how to fix computer blue screen of death? You can follow the guide below:

1. Remove new added hardware

If Windows 7 operating system often reports blue screen of death after adding any new hardware or plugging a removable hard disk to your computer, you had better remove the new added hardware. Sometimes, blue screen of death occurs because hardware is not compatible the driver on your computer.

2. Run antivirus software

Virus infection is a possible reason that might cause Windows 7 blue screen of death problem. Therefore, you can run antivirus software to check if your computer is infected with virus.

3. Uninstall new installed software

Windows 7 will report blue screen of death and reboot when some software installed on it is not compatible with the system. Therefore, you had better uninstall the new installed software to fix the problem.

4. Fix bad sectors or change a new hard drive

Bad sectors might cause hard disk drive failure, which will cause Windows 7 blue screen. You can run Windows 7 built-in Error-checking tool to fix bad sectors. You may also try to format hard drive on Windows 7 to repair bad sectors. Or you can change a new hard drive to install it on your computer.

5. Make use of the last known good configuration

If the problem still exists after trying all methods above, you can select "Last known good configuration" option from "Advanced" boot menu, which is able to restore your computer to previous good state.

6. Reinstall Windows 7 operating system

You can reinstall Windows 7 operating system to fix the blue screen problem when you have no other ideal solution. You should know that all data might be lost due to system reinstalling. Therefore, you had better backup important data.

How to Prevent Blue Screen on Windows 7?

You can pay attention to following point to protect Windows 7 from showing blue screen:

  • Do not install unsafe software on your computer
  • Do not visit unsafe website
  • Do not open emails or links sent by strangers
  • Do not open too many programs or Windows at the same time on your computer
  • Defragment files on disk drive regularly to prevent hard disk bad sectors

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