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"Does anybody know whether there is a fix for computer WHEA uncorrectable blue screen error on Windows 8 dell notebook? Honestly, last night, I did have upgraded this computer from Windows 7 and had not tried to boot it up. And, this morning, opened it up and viewed a romantic movie. This computer just got Blue Screen of Death issues and showed an error: 'BSOD: WHEA-UNCORRECTABLE.ERROR'. Do you know what’s going on there? The same Blue screen error keeps happening when I try to use my Windows computer. Is there any way to remove such WHEA uncorrectable blue screen error problems? Please help me!"

Hello, friends! Have you upgraded all your computer drivers after changing the Windows OS? Honestly, in such situations, you are generally supposed to check and do a clean install of computer drivers. But, if you do have timely upgraded the computer sound drivers, hardware drivers, video drivers and the likes, you can keep on reading this article to know why you get such BSOD WHEA uncorrectable error issues and how you can resolve them successfully.

PC WHEA Uncorrectable Errors Often Happens after OS Updating or Upgrading

In most cases, such computer WHEA uncorrectable blue screen error issues often happens after computer Windows operating system updating or upgrading. Of course, it also comes to you under other circumstances. And, no matter how your situation is, there is one sure thing that such WHEA uncorrectable error problems are able to be fixed. However, before you take actions to remove such blue screen error problems, you are also supposed to check several things:

1). Have you updated PC drivers after Upgrading?
Have you got time to update your computer video/sound/hardware drivers yet after you do have turned your Windows XP into Windows 7, Windows 7 into Windows 8, Windows 8 into Windows 10 or Windows 7 into Windows 10 directly? Actually, the related computer blue screen of death problems and PC not recognizing hard drive problems often occur to computer users when they do have not upgraded the related computer drivers after OS upgrading. So, you may also go check whether all your computer drivers are also needed to be updated or reinstalled.   

Please Note: If you really need to do a driver update, you should also remember that the drivers from the computer manufacturer official site could be more reliable and help you avoid unwanted incompatible issues, driver conflict issues and more.

2). Have you installed new software on the same computer before or after Updating?
Before or after you do have done an OS upgrading on PC, have you downloaded and installed new software from unauthorized sites or have they caused any weird problems for your computer, like sudden computer rebooting, unknown file and folder shortcuts, or the likes? If you do, such computer WHEA uncorrectable error is able to be caused by viruses. Go start your antivirus software to do a checking there.

3). Have you checked all used computer hardware then?
Honestly, in most cases, the related error is also able to come to you due to some hardware issues, including hard drive corruption, damaged motherboard and more. So, have you ever done something to damage or corrupt your computer hardware then? Just go check all used computer components to see.

4). Have you incorrectly or improperly installed, updated or upgraded computer OS?
Have you incorrectly or improperly installed, updated or upgraded your computer OS? In fact, when your computer operating system is improperly or wrongly installed, updated or upgraded, the computer will not be able to boot up normally and also go into such WHEA uncorrectable error issues often.

5). Have you tried to disable Intel C-State in BIOS? 
In some cases, people who are using Windows 8 PC get similar blue screen error code since they do install some apps which enable the Intel C-state in BIOS interface. Hence, you can also try to disable it in BIOS screen to resolve such WHEA uncorrectable blue screen error problems.
In short, carefully check your PC by following this list and see which one is more possible for your case.

How to Fix Computer WHEA Uncorrectable Error?

No matter whether the above check list is practical for you, here are several suggestions for you to remove such WHEA uncorrectable error:

1). Reboot your Updated or Upgraded Windows PC
When you do have received the BSOD WHEA uncorrectable error message during use, you can go reboot your updated or upgraded Windows PC. Why? If your computer only has such error problems due to some small and temporary faults, like overheated computer problems, the PC will often automatically repair them during the restating process. So, just try it soon. 

2). Update all computer hardware drivers
Still do not make sure whether you are supposed to do a clean install of all your computer drivers. No worry! Restart your computer into Safe mode which will not use some hardware drivers to boot up your PC and see whether your PC drivers get problems.

Please Note: If you do not know how to enter into Safe Mode, just skip into the below safe mode section for more information. 

3). Remove suspicious or virus infected apps
When you are sure you have installed several apps, games and the like tools on your PC, also start antivirus software to remove all suspicious or virus infected ones off from your computer before it is too late.

4). Check or replace computer hardware components.
How long will you do a regular check on all computer hardware components, like the computer internal memory bars/chips, computer hard disks, computer motherboard and the likes? Have you often cleaned them to avoid dusty issues? If your answer is "No" or "Never" without any hesitation, you’d better try to check these components right now. Of course, if they are really failed or broken seriously, also go replace them.

Please Note: No matter whether you will back up everything important PC data with data backup software or by manually storing them on other storage devices, you’d better prepare data backups well before any checking or replacing.

5). Reinstall computer operating system
If you are not sure whether you do installed, updated or upgraded your Windows OS, go apply reinstall computer operating system to take chances. Honestly, in many similar WHEA uncorrectable error cases, reinstalling the PC OS is often the most effective way to resolve such error problems.

6). Reboot PC into BIOS and disable or block Intel C-State
And now, also reboot your PC, click Del button and enter BIOS interface to disable or block Intel C-State according to your computer settings.
In short, no matter why your computer gives such BOSD error problems, always save everything important data backups well and also select the above methods to fix them completely based on your own circumstances.

How to Enter Safe Mode on Windows 7, 8 or 10 to See Whether It Is Computer Driver Issue? 

Are you still stuck in how to go into Safe Mode to see whether it is computer driver issues on your Windows 7, 8 or 10 computers? OK! Here are some simple steps for you to follow:

1). Steps to enter Safe mode on Windows 7 PC
Step1. Reboot your Windows 7 PC and click F8 button till the Windows Advanced Options Manu interface shows up.
Step2. Select Safe mode from the Safe mode lists.
Step3. Click enter to boot your PC into Safe mode.
Please Note: When the PC goes into Windows Advanced Options Manu interface, there will be three safe mode options for you, including Safe mode, Safe mode with Networking and Safe mode with command prompt. Merely select the Safe Mode option which will reboot your PC with minimal drivers and no internet. 

2). Steps to open safe mode on Windows 8 computer
Step1. Click Start to open Run window and Type in "msconfig" on your Windows 8 computer.
Step2. Hit Boot tab on the top and mark Safe Boot.
Step3. Also select Minimal from the drop-down list.
And then, every time when you try to boot or restart your computer, it will automatically boot up with safe mode.
Of course, if you do not want to restart your PC in safe mode all the time, also follow the same steps to reset it back.
Please Note: You can also press "Windows + R" buttons to start Run tool.

3). Steps to load into safe mode on Windows 10 laptop or desktop computer
And, while you are using a Windows 10 or desktop computer, you can also easily follow the steps for Windows 8 computer.
And, no matter which Windows version your computer is using, hope it can help you figure out whether such computer WHEA uncorrectable blue screen error issues are aroused by driver problems really.

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