WD My Book Become Raw File System How to Fix It?


External hard drive becomes raw drive somehow and cannot be opened? WD external USB drive becomes raw drive and shown as 0 byte? You can fix this problem without any data loss.

WD My Book Become Raw File System How to Fix It?

“When I tried to open my WD external hard drive on my PC, it becomes inaccessible and it shown as 0 byte , and the external hard drive shown as raw file system at the Disk Management, I have many important data on it, how can I repair the external hard drive without any data loss.”

When you meet this problem, the most important thing you need to remember is DO NOT format the raw external hard drive, and DO NOT put any other data on it. Because that will rewrite your disk, and cover your data, so if you have important data on it, do not do any operation on it before recover all the data back.

Why the WD External Hard Drive Becomes Raw Drive

Don’t worry, raw drive error is not a difficult problem. Raw is a file system type which can not be recognized by Windows, it is different from NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, etc. It is often happens when you perform some improper operations on your computer, if you interrupt the data transferring or formatting, the hard drive will become raw drive, if you eject your device from your computer abruptly without safe ejection, it happens sometimes because of the bad quality of the external hard drive.

How to Repair the WD External Hard Drive without Data Loss

If you want to repair the raw WD external hard drive, you need to convert the raw file system into NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, etc. You can use CMD command prompt to make it. But before that, you need to recover all the data back if you have important files on it.

Choosing a effective data recovery tool is very important, my advice is do not choose free data recovery software. They can help you to recover deleted files, but for this error, they won’t help you a lot. And some of them have some plug-ins which may do harm to your computer.

Here I will recommend iCare Data Recovery Pro, which is an effective data recovery program, it can recover data even when your device is corrupted. With it, you can easily recover your data from deleted, formatted, corrupted, raw or virus infected drive, it can be used for hard drive, smart phone, computer, USB pen drive, SD memory card, external hard drive, etc.

If your computer is Windows system, you can free download here:

Steps to recover data from the raw WD external hard drive

Step1: Download iCare Data Recovery Pro, and install it on your computer.

Step2: Run the program on your computer, enter “Deep Scan Recovery” or “Raw Drive Recovery”.

Recover raw drive data with iCare Data Recovery ProRecover raw drive data with iCare Data Recovery Pro

Step3: After Scanning, you can preview the found data, select your data to recover, save it to another drive to avoid data rewriting.

Recover raw drive data with iCare Data Recovery ProRecover raw drive data with iCare Data Recovery Pro

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Steps to Repair Raw Drive with CMD Diskpart

1.Do not type a wrong word on command line window when you run CMD command prompt, a mistake can make your another hard drive get formatted.

A formatting process will be performed on your raw drive, if you have important data on it, you need to recover them first.

Step1: Run CMD.

Repair raw file system with CMDRepair raw file system with CMD

Step2: Type“format X: /fs:fat32”(X is the drive letter of your RAW drive)

After these steps, you can convert your device file system into FAT32, you can also change the fat32 into ntfs, then the file system of your drive will be converted into NTFS.

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