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About Western Digital Corporation

WD hard drive (Western Digital hard drive) is manufactured by Western Digital Corporation which is also the world’s largest hard drive manufacture along with Seagate Corporation. Western Digital Corporation was founded in 1970 and it began manufacturing hard drives in 1988. The head office of Western Digital Corporation is located in Lake Forest, California, USA. Western Digital Corporation is a hard drive manufacturer which has a long history.

Western Digital Hard Drive and Capacities

As one of the largest hard drive manufacturers all over the world, Western Digital Corporation manufactures different types of hard drives with various capacities such as 320GB, 500GB, 750GB, 1TB, 1.5TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 6TB, etc.

Western Digital Raptor Hard Drive

Western Digital Raptor is a type of WD hard drive, which is available in some workstation and small-server market.  The Western Digital Raptor is a series of WD hard disk drive which has high performance. It has a SCSI interface.

WD Caviar Blue Hard Drive

Western Digital Caviar Blue hard drive has a good stability. WD Caviar Blue can rotate at 7200 RPM. There was a time that Western Digital Caviar Blue was selling quite well. This series of WD hard disk drives have a reasonable price and good performance.

WD Caviar Green Hard Drive

Western Digital Green hard drive has the WD GreenPower technology and has a low consuming. This series of hard disk drives can provide a much quieter and more environmental storage solution for its users. WD Green hard drive can rotate at 5400 RPM, which has low noise. The disadvantage of this series of Western Digital hard drive is that it has a lower performance. Some common series of WD Caviar Green hard drive include WD5000AADS, WD10EADS, WD10EADX, WD10EARS, WD10EVDS, etc.

WD Caviar Black Hard Drive

Western Digital Caviar Black hard drive is a series of high performance hard disk drive, which appeals to many people because it provides a perfect storage solution. Western Digital Caviar Black hard drive can rotate at 7200 RPM. Some common models of WD Caviar Black hard drive include WD5001AALS, WD1001FALS, WD1002FAEX, D2001FASS, WD3200BEKT, etc.

WD Hard Drive Warranty

WD provides one, two, three or five year’s warranties when you buy their hard drives. It provides its customers with the option of longer warranty on its website. This is good because you can ask them for any help during warranty.

Western Digital Hard Drive Malfunctions

The common hard drive malfunctions usually can be hardware malfunction and software malfunction. Some common malfunctions on Western Digital hard drives include:
1. It shows device error or Non – system disk or disk error after booting computer.
2. PC shows HDD Controller Failure error after booting computer.
3. It says Invalid partition table
4. Hard drive has bad sectors. Every hard drive is not life long. When a hard drive has been used for many years or even longer, it may contain bad sectors. In addition, improper operation on the hard drive can also cause bad sectors. When your Western Digital hard drive contains bad sectors, you can run Error-checking tool to check and repair bad sectors. You can also perform a complete format on the hard drive to fix bad sectors. Before formatting the hard drive, you should backup all important data.
5. WD hard drive is infected with virus. It might be a nightmare when your Western Digital hard drive is attacked by virus because it may lead you to lose all important data stored on the disk. Therefore, it is important to protect your hard drive from being infected with virus. One the one hand, you can install anti-virus software on your computer. And on the other hand, you should avoid visiting unknown website or open unknown links.

Some Error Message on WD Hard Drive

When you meet WD hard drive malfunctions, you may receive some error messages. Here are some common error messages:
1. WD hard drive not formatted error
If your PC is running Windows XP operating system, you may receive message like "Disk drive is not formatted do you want to format it now". If your computer runs under Windows 7 operating system, you may receive message like "You need to format disk drive before you can use it". System asks you to format the disk drive because it cannot recognize the file system of the drive. When you receive such kind of error message, you can format the drive directly if you do not care about the data stored inside. Otherwise, you cannot format it.
2. WD hard drive cannot be formatted
Sometimes, you may find that you are unable to format your hard drive successfully. This kind of problem might be caused by virus infection or bad sectors. Therefore, you can repair bad sectors before formatting it. You can also rely on professional format tool to format the disk drive but it will do some damage to your hard drive.

When you encouter any problem involved in WD hard drive error, you can recover files from it with Western Digital recovery software.

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