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usb flash memory


USB flash drive is also called USB drive, flash drive or USB thumb drive. A USB flash drive is a small portable storage device that can be connected with computer to store, backup and transfer different types of files such as pictures, videos, music, etc.


USB Flash Drive Manufacturers and Capacities

USB flash drive is widely used by many people because it is convenient and easy to use. You can find different USB flash drive manufacturers in market. Some famous USB drive manufacturers include: SanDisk, Kingston, PNY, Patriot, Sony, Toshiba, Samsung, Transcend, Acer, LG, and more.

The capacities of USB flash drive include: 1GB, 2G, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, etc.

Disadvantage & Disadvantages of USB Flash Drive

Advantages of USB flash drive:

1. USB flash drive has small size and large capacities

One of advantage of USB flash drive is that is has small size but with a large capacity. Since a USB flash drive has small size, you can easily take it to everywhere. Today’s USB flash drive has a capacity from 1GB up to 1TB, so you can use a USB flash drive to save or transfer a large amount of data easily and simply.

2. USB flash drive is cheap with high quality

A good USB flash drive usually has high quality, but it is quite cheap. A USB flash drive is often affordable and cost much less than previously floppy disk.

3. A USB flash drive is reliable

A USB flash drive is usually reliable to use. You can store different kinds of files on a USB flash drive and they will remain there unless you delete them. A USB flash drive can usually be used for a long time as long as you use it properly to avoid unexpected damage or corruption.

4. A USB flash drive provides a convenient solution for data storage and transferring

A USB flash drive is quite easy to handle. You only need to insert it to your computer and then you can read or write data on the drive. A USB flash drive makes it very convenient when you want to store or transfer data.

Disadvantage of USB flash drive:

A USB flash drive also has its disadvantages, which include:

1. A USB flash drive has a limited number of reading and writing data

Like other flash memory device, a USB flash drive has a limited number of reading and writing data. When a USB flash drive has been used for a long time, the data transit speed may become more and more slowly.

2. Some error may occur on a USB flash drive which results in data loss

Although a USB flash drive is durable, it might be corrupted in some situations. Therefore, sometimes, you may encounter data loss problem on USB flash drive.

Remove USB Flash Drive Safely

No matter you want to write data to a USB flash drive or copy data from a USB, you need to insert it to a computer. After writing or transferring data, you should remove USB flash drive safely from your computer. You can click the icon of USB flash drive in the Taskbar and then click "Safely remove hardware " to unplug USB flash drive to your computer safely. If Windows pops up message like cannot stop USB drive, you had better check if you have closed all related Windows. You need to close all Windows or programs that are using the contents on the USB flash drive before you can safely remove it. Unsafely removal of USB flash drive may cause hurt to your USB flash drive which lead to USB drive error.

Solution for USB Flash Drive Error

Improper operation or virus infection may cause USB flash drive error, which will lead you to lose data on the USB drive. Here are some common USB drive errors and possible solutions:

1. USB flash drive not formatted error and RAW file system

Have you ever met the similar problem that your USB flash drive shows as an unformatted disk and changes its file system to RAW? In this situation, system will ask you to format the USB drive to fix the error. It is true that you can format the flash drive back to FAT32 file system to fix the not formatted error, but if you do not want to lose any data from the unformatted USB, you had better not format it before getting the files you need.

2. Windows was unable to complete the format

Receiving error like "Windows was unable to complete the format" when you attempt format a RAW USB flash drive? In this situation, you can try to check and repair bad sectors to fix the problem.

3. USB flash drive cannot be recognized by PC

Windows cannot detect your USB flash drive after inserting it to your computer? This kind of problem might be caused by virus infection, USB flash drive corruption or some other reasons. You can try to run anti-virus software to perform a full scan on all disk drives to check if there is any virus infection.

The similar error can occur on memory card too. If your memory card is not detected by camera or when SD card becomes unreadable due to unsupported file system, you can also follow the guide above to fix the problem.

Possible Ways to Avoid USB Flash Drive Error

Generally speaking, USB flash drive error mentioned above might be caused by virus infection, bad sectors, improper operation and more other reasons. If you do not want to run into data loss problem due to USB flash drive error, you should take measures to avoid such kind of error with the following methods:

1. Do not save too much data to USB flash drive when it is nearly full

Every USB flash drive has a maximum capacity. When a USB flash drive is nearly full, you had better stop saving too much data to the USB drive. For example, if your USB flash drive only has 1MB free space left, you had better not save more than 1MB data to the USB. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the USB flash drive.

2. Had better check if it contains bad sectors when there is noisy on the USB drive

When you connect your USB flash drive to your computer or when you write data to the USB drive, it may have noisy sound. If so, you had better check if there is bad sector on the USB flash drive. Bad sectors can corrupt your USB flash drive and lead it to be unreadable.

3. Never disconnect USB flash drive during data transferring or writing

For whatever reason, you had better never remove your USB flash drive while data writing or transferring process. Unexpected removal of USB drive in data transferring or writing process might corrupt the data or even damage the USB flash drive.

4. Use USB flash drive carefully to protect it from being attacked by any virus or Trojan

You can save different kinds of data on a USB flash drive. As you known, you need to connect your USB flash drive to a computer or laptop whether you want to write data, transfer data or read data. During the usage of your USB flash drive, you should be careful to prevent it from being infected with virus or Trojan.

Backup Data on USB Flash Drive

No matter how careful you are, there is no 100% safe guarantee that data stored on a USB flash drive will never be lost. Therefore, if you do not want to lose any important data due to mistakenly deleting files from flash drive, format USB drive or flash drive has error, the best solution is to backup important files on your USB flash drive. You can copy the important files to a computer’s hard disk or any other storage media. Thus, you can easily get back files when they get lost from your USB flash drive due to any reason.

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