Unformat Toshiba External HFS+ Hard Drive

"Is there any way to unformat Toshiba external HFS+ hard drive for data recovery? I have a Toshiba portable hard drive and I formatted it to HFS+ file system in order to use it on my MacBook. Today, I mistakenly reformatted this Toshiba external HFS+ hard drive on my MacBook and lost more than 1000 pictures. I want to know if there is any unformat software for external HFS+ hard drive data recovery. I will appreciate it very much if anybody can give me some advice."

An external hard drive should be formatted into proper file system in order to make it being recognized by computer. When you buy a new Toshiba external hard drive, you might format it into HFS+ file system so that it can be used on Mac OS. If you reformat Toshiba external HFS+ hard drive in some situations, you will lose all data stored on it. In this situation, are you wondering if there is anything you can do to get back all lost data?

Unformat Software for Toshiba Portable HFS+ HDD Recovery

You can do something to unformat Toshiba portable HFS+ hard drive when you reformat it for whatever reason. First of all, you should prevent anybody from writing new files to the reformatted external hard drive. Then, you can free download iCare Data Recovery Pro to recover data. This is data recovery software designed for Windows users to recover lost data when it gets lost due to different kinds of reasons. Therefore, you can use this software to undo format Toshiba portable hard drive after reformat it on your computer. You can make use of this unformat software to recover all types of files including images, videos, music, documents, emails, etc from reformatted Toshiba HFS+ external hard disk drive by following the steps below:

download data recovery software

Step1. Download and install iCare Data Recovery on Windows PC. Run the software and choose a proper scan mode.

select recovery mode

Step2. Select the Toshiba portable HFS+ hard drive and then wait the software to scan it.

wait while scanning

Step3. Preview files when scanning is finished. Then, you can select the lost files to recover.

preview found photo

download data recovery software

Why Unformat Toshiba HFS Plus External HDD on Windows?

HFS plus is a type of file system for Mac OS, but you need to plug your Toshiba external HFS plus hard drive to Windows OS to perform data recovery because iCare Data Recovery is only compatible with Windows operating system. After connecting the Toshiba HFS plus external hard drive on Windows computer, iCare Data Recovery is able to detect the external disk and deep scan it to search every lost file. Therefore, you do not need to worry that it will have any problem by connecting a HFS+ external hard drive to Windows PC. iCare Data Recovery provides an easy and safe way to unformat Toshiba portable HFS plus hard drive on Windows system.

Unformatted Toshiba Portable HFS+ Hard Drive Recovery

Do you want to get an unformat tool when unformatted error occurs on your Toshiba portable HFS+ hard drive? When there is unformatted error, you cannot open the Toshiba portable HFS+ hard drive because its file system might become RAW format. In this situation, you should not format it from RAW to HFS+ file system. Instead, you can use iCare Data Recovery to perform formatted Toshiba external hard drive data recovery. This data recovery software is read-only data recovery software, so it does not cause any harm to external hard drive or previous data during data recovery.

Users That Need Undo Format Toshiba HFS+ External Hard Drive

"I bought a Toshiba HFS hard drive for my iMac, but I mistakenly reformatted it on my computer. Now, I need to undo format this external hard drive and get back my lost data. Can anyone tell me how to undo format a Toshiba external hard drive that has HFS+ file system?"

"Hello! Is it possible to unformat Toshiba HFS+ portable hard drive on Windows OS? I reformatted my Toshiba HFS+ portable HDD on Mac OS during data transferring, but my MacBook is broken. So I can only perform lost data recovery on my Windows computer. However, Windows PC does not recognize HFS+ file system. Does anybody know any unformat software that can recover data from reformatted Toshiba HFS+ portable hard drive on Windows PC?"

"My Mac computer says that the Toshiba external HFS+ hard drive has unformatted error. When I want to open this external HDD, Mac OS says that I need to reformat the disk drive. I cannot reformat it because this operation will lead all data to be erased immediately. Is there any way to fix unformatted error on a Toshiba HFS+ portable hard drive without reformatting or losing data?"

When you need help due to the same reason, you can always rely on iCare Data Recovery on unformat the disk drive for file recovery. This software is able to undo quick format / full format on Toshiba HFS+ external hard drive.

download data recovery software

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