How to Unformat SD Card on Windows 10


Mistakenly format data on the SD memory card? Virus infection and formatted the memory card? Don’t worry, this page will show you how to unformat SD memory card easily.

Is It Possible to Unformat SD Card on Windows 10

“I just formatted my SD card by accident yesterday, and I have some important data on it, I really need to get it back, Is there any way to recover my data back?”

If you have the same problem like that, don’t worry, it’s not that difficult to unformat the SD memory card on Windows 10, you can use this effective solution to recover the deleted, formatted data easily only if you haven’t put another data on the formatted SD card.

How to Recover Formatted Data from SD Memory Card

If the SD card is on the smart phone, deleted data can be recovered easily if your smart phone has some backup function, if the SD memory card is on the camera, things can be a little difficult, you need to download a data recovery tool.

Formatting is another kind of deletion, if you format your SD memory card, all the data on the memory card can be deleted.

But you can also recover formatted data, now you need a tool. Data recovery tool can help you to restore the deleted data without backup. Most data recovery programs on the market can recover deleted data, while some of them can not recover the formatted data well, if you want to recover your important data from formatted device, you need to find a reliable data recovery program. I used to test most of data recovery programs, here I would like to recommend iCare Data Recovery, which is a professional data recovery tool with 100% safety. And it is proved that it is 100% working during formatted data recovery, which means it can recover all your data from the formatted device.

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Instructions to Restore Data from Formatted SD Memory Card

To recover your formatted data, you need only to download this effective data recovery tool, and then follow the guide to recover your data, it has a simple and clear interface. You can make it easily.

Step 1: Download iCare Data Recovery at iCare Recovery website, install it on your computer, run the program.

Recover data from formatted SD memory card with iCare Data Recovery proRecover data from formatted SD memory card with iCare Data Recovery pro

Step 2: Enter “Deep Scan Recovery”, and select your SD memory card to scan.

Step 3: After scanning, you can preview the found data and choose your needed data to recover, save to another drive.

Recover data from formatted SD memory card with iCare Data Recovery proRecover data from formatted SD memory card with iCare Data Recovery pro

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