How to Unformat SD Card Android Phone


Mistakenly format data on the sd card of the android phone? Don’t worry, this page will show you how to unformat sd card on the android phone easily.

I Mistakenly Formatted My SD Card of Android Phone How to Fix it?

‘I formatted my sd card of android phone by accident, there are some important data on the card, how can I recover the data from the sd card of android phone?”

Formatting is much completely than deleting something on the device, when you format your sd card, it means all your data will be deleted. While it is not impossible to recover data from formatted device. I will show you how.

How to Unformat SD Card Samsung

First, for most android phone users, like Samsung, blackberry and more, they will find it is very convenient to have an account, you can log in, and make some settings, and they will make sure the security of your phone, and also make backup for your data.

So if you formatted your sd card on Android phone, you can check the backup in your cloud storage of your account, if there is a backup, you just need to download it.

If you didn’t have any backup, then you will need to find a data recovery tool, and remember, do not put any data on that device, avoiding a rewriting which may get in the way of your data recovery.

Here I recommend iCare Data Recovery pro, which is an effective data recovery program, it can recover data not only from sd card or smart phone, you can use it to recover data from computer, USB pen drive, external hard drive, etc. And it can recover data after deletion, formatting, corrupted, virus infection, you can solve a lot data loss problem with it. With its read-only configuration, it is 100% safe, it won’t install any other malware or plug-ins, and it never changes the file type, you can recover the data exactly what it is like.

iCare Data Recovery pro has a friendly compatibility of Windows system.

If you are Windows user, you can free download it here:

Free Download

Instructions to Recover Data from Formatted SD Card Android Phone

Step 1: Download iCare Data Recovery pro at iCare Recovery website, install and run the program, take out your sd card from phone and insert it into computer with a card reader .

Recover data from formatted SD card android phone with iCare Data Recovery proRecover data from formatted SD card android phone with iCare Data Recovery pro

Step 2: Enter “Deep Scan Recovery”, and select your SD card to scan.

Step 3: After scanning finished, preview the found data and choose your needed data to recover, save to another drive.

Recover data from formatted SD card android phone with iCare Data Recovery proRecover data from formatted SD card android phone with iCare Data Recovery pro

Free Download

Then you can recover your formatted data back.

After you realized the importance of the data protection, you’d better make a backup or have a reliable data recovery program.

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