Undelete Files from USB Flash Drive - 3 Free Ways

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#1 - Undelete files from flash drive using cmd

There is a way to restore files by using cmd in Windows without any software to easily undelete files from flash media.

cmd: attrib -r -a -s -h /s /d

  • Open cmd
  • Connect your flash drive to computer
  • Typle 'f' when f is your flash drive letter that you need to replace it with your own drive letter that your flash drive appears in your computer
  • Type ' attrib -r -a -s -h /s /d'

Video - how to undelete flash drive using cmd attrib

This above cmd could restore files from cmd easily, a feedback from many users. If you find it is hard to manage the cmd, there are some other ways to restore files back from flash drive.

#2 - Undelete usb drive with previous versions

This function can be easily accessed by right click your media, and see its options in Properties.

usb drive previous versionsRecover files from flash drive using previous versions in Windows 10


Recommend: 3 ways to restore files from flash drive

#3 - Undelete files from thumb drive with professional undelete tool

iCare Data Recovery Pro - fast, easy data recovery tool.

This undelete tool can recover files if you run into the following case:

  • USB Flash Drive files were deleted by mistake
  • Formatted data on USB Flash Drive
  • Flash drive data removed by virus, unknown causes, third party software, malware
  • Phsycial or logical damages...

Steps to Recover Data after Deleting from usb drive

Undelete software download for deleted files recovery from USB drive by iCare Data Recovery:

download data recovery software

Step1. Download the software. you need to run it

select recovery
Step2. Choose the usb to scan

select drive
Step3. preview the files and save needed files.

recover files

iCare Data Recovery Pro can help us undelete USB. It is a good USB flash drive recovery software. It can help us to undelete our USB Flash Drive.

We always store our data in our USB Flash Drive, it's very convenient and the capacity is large, 2G, 4G, 8G….ect. But sometimes we may make some mistakes, we may delete our data that we stored, But Don't be afraid. We have free flash drive recovery software for file rescue.

USB Flash Drive is a kind of memory for us to store our data like office files, music files, movies, pictures etc.. All this we can store in our USB Flash Drive. It's very convenient for us to store our data. But sometimes we will make some mistakes and then the data we stored will be deleted. We may loss some of the data that we stored when we transfer it. So how can we do to settle this problem? Is there any way for us to undelete USB Flash Drive? Of course, there's an easy way serving for us. That is what this page provides.

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