Undelete Maxtor External Hard Drive

"Help please! How do I undelete Maxtor external hard drive for data recovery? I deleted several pictures from my Maxtor portable hard drive a few days ago. After deleting pictures, I saved some videos to this portable hard drive. I don’t know if it has any influence but I really want to get back the deleted pictures. Please tell me how to retrieve deleted files from portable hard drive. Thanks very much!"

"How do I undelete files after quick format external hard disk by mistake? I have important videos stored on my Maxtor external hard disk, but I mistakenly perform a quick format on the external and delete everything. I want to know if I can restore deleted videos lost due to quick formatting."

"I deleted some data from my Maxtor external hard drive last night. Now, I want to recover those deleted files, but the problem is that my external had drive is no longer recognized by system when I connected it to my computer. Can you tell me if there is any undelete freeware to recover data from unrecognizable external hard drive?"

Undelete Software for Maxtor External HDD Recovery

People like to store data to an external HDD instead of hard disk in order to save up more of computer’s memory, while Maxtor external is usually widely used by many people. However, no matter how careful you are, you might mistakenly delete some important files from your Maxtor external HDD, in which situation deleted data will not be moved to Recycle Bin. Therefore, you need to rely on data recovery software iCare Data Recovery to undelete files.

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Steps to Undelete Maxtor External Hard Drive

Preparation: Download and install iCare Data Recovery on a computer. Then, plug the Maxtor external hard drive to the computer.

Step1. Run the data recovery software and select a scan mode.

select recovery mode

Step2. Choose the Maxtor external HDD as aim disk and wait the software to scan.

wait while scanning

Step3. Preview some files and then recover the data you need.

preview found photo

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Recover Deleted Files off Maxtor USB HDD with Undelete Software

Maxtor external hard drive is also called Maxtor USB HDD sometimes. Almost everybody mistakenly deleted files from USB HDD more or less. You do not need to free upset after deleting file by mistake because it is possible to recover deleted files off Maxtor USB HDD by relying on the data recovery software.

The Bottom Line for Undelete Maxtor External Hard Drive

It is important that you cannot write new data to Maxtor external hard drive because new data might overwrite the deleted files and make them unrecoverable. However, it does not mean that you lose the chance to undelete files after write new data to the external. As long as the external disk space which was used to store deleted files is not overwritten by new data, you still have chance to undelete Maxtor external hard drive. If you are not sure whether the deleted data is overwritten, you can free download iCare Data Recovery and try to perform data recovery now. This software enables you to free scan the whole external hard drive and allows you to preview found files when scanning is completed. What is more, this software allows you to free recover 20MB data for free.

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