Troubleshoot Blue Screen of Death Error C1900101-20017 During Windows 10 Installation

Computer Gets Blue Screen of Death Error C1900101-20017 While Installing Windows 10

Hello, computer suddenly run into a blue screen of death and showed a " C1900101-20017" error there when you are trying to upgrading your PC OS from Windows 7, 8 or other lower version to Windows 10, or merely installing a Windows 10 updates there? OK! No worry! Such computer blue screen of death error problems often happens to people occasionally. Fortunately, you do get chances to resolve it and restore your functional computer performance.

How to Fix Computer Error C1900101-20017 Problems During Windows 10 Installation?

Honestly, computer users do encounter such error C1900101-20017 problems during Windows 10 installation due to false/unsafe Windows 10 OS versions or updates, improper computer settings and more. And, luckily, such computer problems are also able to be easily fixed. Hence, you’d better not panic and go check the below solutions to see whether they are workable for you:  

Firstly, Download the Latest Windows 10 Version or Updates Directly from Microsoft Official Site

Hello, where have you downloaded or get the Windows 10 versions or updates? Is it safe? Or are you sure you do have downloaded download the right edition? Honestly, living in this technological era, people often can easily enter a key word to search wanted applications, videos and files, including Windows 10 OS versions and updates, over the internet. But, not all the found ones are really useful, safe, compatible and workable. Hence, if you do not want to encounter such computer error C1900101-20017 problems, you’d better download the latest version and updates from Microsoft official site.

Secondly, Use Windows Update Troubleshooter

If you do have downloaded a safe and compatible Windows 10 operating system straightly from Microsoft official site, you also get the same blue screen of death error? OK! Don’t worry! In such situations, I would recommend you to try Windows Update troubleshooter which has been especially designed for Windows 10 OS users to automatically find and fix some common problems during OS installing and updating. And what you are supposed to do now is merely to go open Microsoft official site and find this Windows Update Troubleshooter there. And then, install it well on your PC and follow its suggestions to fix everything.

Thirdly, Install Your Windows 10 OS with ISO File

Computer Windows Update troubleshooter doesn’t work on your PC or you do not want to use such software on your PC, also do not panic! You still get ways to cope with Windows 10 install error C1900101-20017 problems: merely installing your Windows 10 OS with ISO file as below:

Step1: Go open Download folder like this: Local Disk C=> Windows Folder=> Software Distribution => Download and then, delete all files inside this folder, especially the $Windows.~BT folder there.
Step2. Download the ISO files from Microsoft official website.
Step3. Create a bootable installation media by using Microsoft Media creation tool.
Step4. Make sure your bootable hard drive or other storage devices are connected on this PC well.
Step5. Open computer BIOS interface after rebooting your PC and clicking F12 option there.
Step6. Disable all overclocking options there.
Step7. Enable UEFI Boot.
Step8. Restart your computer to install your Windows 10 again.
This time, go see whether you will face the same error C1900101-20017 problems or not.
But, if you unfortunately are still stuck in such blue screen of death error C1900101-20017 problems after trying all the above methods, it seems to be really complicated. You’d ask some experts or PC repairing agencies for help at last.

You Also Are Supposed to Remember Such Tips Well:

1). Back up all computer internal or external hard drive data before Windows 10 Installation

No matter what you have tried to remove such computer error C1900101-20017 troubles, in order not to lose or delete something very important there, you are supposed to back up all internal or external hard drive or device contents on else locations or devices well in advance. Even when you are still stuck in such error problems, it is also not too late for you to prepare data backups well at first.

2). Close Antivirus software or other third-party applications running on your PC, if necessary.

Generally, in case that some running antivirus software or other third-party applications will have an negative impact on the Windows 10 installing, you’d better also close them all before starting the OS upgrading and updating.

3). Data recovery software may help you recover deleted or lost data back, if necessary.

If your unfortunately delete or lose something very important data during the Windows 10 installing without data backups, also do not rush to do anything else to your computer internal or external hard drive and go take lost information with data recovery software. When you mistakenly delete some useful folders and files, deleted file recovery utilities helps scan your allocated device deeply and retrieve erased or shift deleted files back with ease. Of course, if you do have unintentionally rewritten your storage device with new Windows 10 files and folders, also do not give up too early and perform hard disk data recovery processes to take recoverable data back as possible as you can. Overall, from now on, always save everything important on different drives or devices well all the time.

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