Toshiba Removable HFS+ Hard Drive Reports RAW Error

"My Toshiba removable HFS+ hard drive reports RAW error when I connect it to my Mac OS. System says that the external hard drive is not formatted. Connecting this Toshiba external hard drive to Windows PC, system also recognizes it as a RAW drive. I want to copy some files from this Toshiba external hard drive. I also want to repair the RAW drive error and convert it from RAW to HFS+ because I still want to use it on my Mac. Can you tell me what I should do?"

"I have a 2TB Toshiba removable hard drive which converts from HFS+ to RAW file system. I have lots of important data on this removable HDD. Is there any solution for Toshiba removable HFS plus hard drive RAW recovery? If you know any useful solution, please share with me."

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Toshiba removable hard drive is a type of media that can be used for transferring or saving data. If a Toshiba removable HFS plus hard drive reports RAW drive error, it means that you can no longer save or move any data from this removable hard drive before fixing the error. However, even if you can repair the RAW drive error by formatting the Toshiba portable hard drive from RAW to HFS+, it does not mean that you can get back the previous data. On the contrary, all data has been deleted after formatting. Then, is there any way to fix the Toshiba removable HFS+ hard drive RAW error with data back?

Toshiba Removable HFS+ HDD RAW Drive Recovery

For a RAW Toshiba removable hard drive data recovery, you need to use professional data recovery software. iCare Data Recovery Pro is a data recovery tool which is able to work on RAW device to search lost data, so you can install this data recovery software on your computer when Toshiba removable hard drive changes to RAW file system and becomes not accessible. This data recovery software is able to work on Windows OS rather than Mac OS, so you need to install it on a Windows PC and connect the Toshiba external hard drive to the same computer. Then, you can follow the steps below to recover all types of files from the RAW Toshiba removable hard drive:

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Step1. Download and install iCare Data Recovery on Windows computer. Select a proper scan mode after running the software.

select recovery mode

Step2. Select the RAW Toshiba external hard drive as aim disk and then wait the software to scan it.

wait while scanning

Step3. You are allowed to preview files when software shows all found data. Then, you can select the files you need and save them to another drive.

preview found photo

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Solution for Toshiba External HDD RAW Error

iCare Data Recovery is a read-only data recovery tool, which only recover data from the RAW drive without touching any information on the disk. Therefore, you are unable to fix the RAW error by using this data recovery software. However, somebody would like to recover data when a Toshiba external HDD has RAW file system, while somebody might not so care about data. Instead, they may be like to fix the RAW drive error so as to make the external hard drive to work normally again. As long as the Toshiba external hard drive can still be recognized on your computer, you can simply fix the RAW format error by formatting the disk drive to HFS+ file system. Usually, you need to plug the Toshiba external hard drive to Mac computer in order to format it to HFS+ file system because Windows OS does not support HFS+ file system.

How to Avoid Toshiba Portable HFS Plus RAW?

It is a terrible problem for almost everybody when Toshiba external hard drive turns to RAW file system. Even if you are a computer wiz who knows the solution for such kind of problem, it is an annoying experience to take lots of time to perform data recovery and fix the error. Therefore, it is necessary to take some measure to protect your Toshiba portable hard drive from changing to RAW from HFS+. Here are some points you can pay attention to:
1. Remove Toshiba portable hard drive from computer safely
On the one hand, when you attempt to remove a Toshiba external hard drive from your computer, please safely remove it. On the other hand, when you want to unplug an external HDD to PC, please make sure there is no program that is using this drive. Especially, you should not remove the external hard drive during data transferring or writing.
2. Protect Toshiba HFS+ portable hard drive from suffering virus infection
In most cases, file system corruption is caused by virus infection. Therefore, it is important to protect your Toshiba external HFS+ hard drive from suffering virus infection in order to avoid RAW error.

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