Introduction of Toshiba External Hard Drive and Possible Errors/Solutions

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About Toshiba Hard Drive

Toshiba hard drive refers to the hard drives invented by Toshiba Corporation, which was founded in July 1875. Toshiba hard drive is a Japanese brand which appeals to lots of users all over the world. Compared with other brands of hard drives like Seagate, Western Digital and Samsung, Toshiba hard drives have its own features and benefits.

Toshiba Hard Drive Capacities

Toshiba hard drives can meet your needs to store a large amount of data because its capacities are various including 500GB, 1TB, 1.5TB, 2TB, 3TB and more.
In order to keep pace with the data growth, today’s hard drives have a larger and larger capacity. You can choose a proper one based on your needs.

Toshiba Hard Drive Quality

A good hard drive can not only hold a large amount of data to keep pace with your data growth, but also it can improve the speed of your computer. When you buy a Toshiba hard drive, you should buy a good one instead of fake one. A fake hard drive might cause unexpected disaster for your data or computer.

About Toshiba Corporation

As you know, Toshiba hard drives are invented by Toshiba Corporation, which is a Japanese corporation whose head office is located in Tokyo, Japan. In addition to hard drives, Toshiba Corporation also manufactures diversified products such as mobile phone, consumer electronics, household applications, washing machine, office equipment and more.

About Hard Drive

Hard drive is an essential part in a computer. Hard drive can be SSD (Solid State Drives), HDD and HHD. Different types of hard drives have different features and functions.

How to Use Toshiba Hard Drive Properly?

A hard drive contains all important data on your computer, so it necessary to use your hard drive properly to prevent it from being corrupted or damaged:
1. Do not turn off your computer while writing files to hard drive

If you turn off your computer all of a sudden when there is data being writing to the hard drive, it may cause hurt to the hard drive. In this situation, it may cause bad sectors problem on your hard drive and even cause data loss. Therefore, it is very important not to turn off computer during data writing.

2. Keep your computer clean

You should keep your computer clean. If there is much dust on your computer, it may also have influence on the hard drive. Therefore, you should make your computer work in a clean environment and clean it regularly.

3. Avoid make your hard drive suffer any physical damage

Some physical damage like water damage, fire damage, etc will hurt the head of the hard drive. You should prevent your hard drive from suffering any physical damage.

4. Defragment files on the hard drive regularly

You can perform Defragmentation on your hard drive regularly. You can Windows built-in Defragment tool to defragment files on the hard drive.

5. Protect your computer from being infected with any virus or Trojan

Virus or Trojan will corrupt your hard drive or data stored on the disk drive. You should install anti-virus software on your computer to protect your computer from being attacked by virus or Trojan. You should also avoid visit unknown websites or receive stranger’s emails to protect your computer from being infected with unknown virus.

Toshiba External Hard Drives

Toshiba Corporation also manufactures external hard drives, which work as a portable device for data storage and backup. An external hard drive often connects to your computer through a USB port. An external hard drive is typically plug-and-play, which can be compatible with almost all kinds of computers. The capacities of Toshiba external hard drives generally range from 160GG, 250GB, 320GB, 500GB, 1TB, 1.5TB, 2TB and 3TB and more. When you use an external hard drive, you should also use it properly to avoid unnecessary corruption to it:

1. Do not remove your external hard drive during data writing or transferring

When you are writing files to the external hard drive, you had better not remove it from your computer. Otherwise, it may make the external hard drive corrupted.

2. Unplug external hard drive to PC safely

When you need to unplug your external hard drive to your computer, you should remove it safely.

Common Error on Toshiba Hard Drive

You may encounter different kinds of problems on Toshiba hard drive, which include:

1. Disk drive not formatted error

When you attempt to access your Toshiba hard drive partition, you may receive error message like "Disk drive is not formatted do you want to format it now" or "You need to format disk drive before you can use it". If you receive such kind of error message, you had better not format it immediately if there is important data on the drive. Instead, you can use a data recovery tool to get back files from the unformatted hard drive first of all.

2. Hard drive is corrupted and inaccessible

If Windows pops up message saying that disk drive is corrupted and inaccessible, probably your hard drive contains bad sectors or might be attacked by virus. In this situation, the first thing you need to do is also perform data recovery.

3. Other error on hard drive

You may meet various kinds of problems on your hard drive. If you do not want to lose important data due to those problems, the best way is to backup important data.
When you meet such kind of error on your Toshiba hard drive, the most terrible thing is that you are unable to access any data stored inside the drive. Then, what can you do when data is inaccessible due to hard disk drive error?

Data Recovery from Inaccessible Toshiba Hard Drive

Although you are unable to access your Toshiba hard drive due to the error mentioned above, data is still stored on original place. What you need to do is to use a data recovery program to extract files off the inaccessible Toshiba hard drive. Before getting the files you need, you had better stop doing anything to the hard disk. Especially, you cannot write any new data to the hard drive. New added data might overwrite the original data and make it unrecoverable. As long as the original data is not overwritten and the Toshiba hard drive is not physically damaged, you have a good chance to restore files even if you cannot access the hard drive.

How to Fix Disk Error on Toshiba Hard Drive?

If you want to fix the disk error on your Toshiba hard drive, you can do it after data recovery. Usually, you can try the following methods to fix the possible errors on Toshiba hard drive:

1. Format the Toshiba hard drive

If you receive message like disk drive is not formatted and the file system of the drive has converted to RAW, you can try to format the disk drive to fix the unformatted error and change its file system back to FAT16 or FAT32. You can perform a quick format or full format on the hard drive to fix the error.

2. Windows built-in Error-checking tool to fix bad sectors

Every Windows PC has built-in Error-checking operation, with which you can fix possible bad sectors on the PC’s hard disk drive. You just need to right click the disk partition that probably has bad sectors and choose "Properties" and then click "Check Now" button in the "Tool" tab. This option can help check the selected volume for errors and fix the errors.

3. Full format Toshiba hard disk drive

Full format can not only erase the disk drive, it can also check and mark possible bad sectors on the partition. Therefore, you can perform a full format on the disk volume to check and mark bad sectors so that data will not be stored to the bad sectors in the future.

4. Run anti-virus software

Virus infection may cause disk error on your Toshiba hard drive, so you can run anti-virus software to erase possible virus from the hard drive.

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