Sony Digital Camera File Recovery

You probably need to perform Sony digital camera file recovery after mistakenly deleting files from memory card inserted to the camera. Usually, you may lose data from a Sony digital camera due to many reasons, in which situation Sony digital camera recovery is needed in order to get back all lost data. Generally speaking, Sony digital camera file recovery aims to restore data when you accidentally delete files, mistakenly format memory card for Sony camera or Sony digital camera says error message on memory card inserted to it.

All Possible Causes for Sony Digital Camera File Loss

Sony digital camera has powerful function which allows you to take photos with high quality. A Sony digital camera brings much enjoyment to our daily life, because we can use it easily to record every precious moment by capturing pictures or recording videos. However, all photos and videos might be lost resulting from following causes:

  • Format Sony digital camera memory card by accident
  • Mistakenly press Delete button on Sony digital camera after selecting some or even all files
  • Sony digital camera cannot detect memory card whether you want to save or view pictures
  • System cannot recognize Sony digital camera after connecting it to computer via USB cable
  • Sony digital camera says memory card is write-protected

Why Is It Possible for Sony Digital Camera Data Recovery?

Every PC user knows that it is possible to recover files from Recycle Bin after deleting from hard disk drive, but they believe that files deleted from Sony digital camera are unrecoverable because there is no Recycle Bin on the camera. If Sony digital camera reports any error message when you take pictures with the camera, you might be more upset because you believe that all data has been erased permanently. However, what you believe is not true. Since system has erased the entries to every file and marked the space as empty after deleting or formatting, you are unable to access the data after deleting or formatting. However, the previous data is still stored on its original place whether you perform format or delete on your Sony digital camera, or even if the camera shows memory card error message. Therefore, it is possible for Sony digital camera data recovery in all data loss situations.

Sony Digital Camera Series

Sony-S series digital camera has full automatic control design. Sony-S series digital camera has AA battery. If you do not often use your Sony digital camera, Sony-S series digital camera is a good choice because dry cell is cheaper than lithium cell.

Sony-T series digital camera enables you to say goodbye to blurry photos and it is resistant to dust. In addition, Sony-T series digital camera has a smarter auto mode, so it can recognize scenes easily and efficiently.

Sony-W series digital camera has new CMOS image inductor, which is able to improve the image quality. The zoom lens for Sony-W series digital camera is cheap, so you can use this series of Sony digital camera if you often use a camera to take pictures.

Sony-X series digital camera refers to the camera that has Sony EXMOR CMOS image inductor. EXMOR CMOS is better than common CMOS.

Sony-G series digital camera has G lens and EXMOR CMOS. This series of Sony digital camera is also resistant to dust. Sony-G series digital camera has the function of GPS and broadband internet access. Therefore, you can send pictures immediately through Internet after capturing photos. Sony-G series digital camera is the most expensive card camera, so it is more widely used by professional photographers and adventurers.

Sony Digital Camera Supported Memory Card

Many types of memory cards are able to be compatible with different kinds of digital cameras. For example, an XD card is usually compatible with FujiFilm digital camera and Olympus digital camera. Usually, Sony digital camera is compatible with memory stick. Today, new Sony digital camera also supports different brands of SD card such as SanDisk, Sony, Kingston, Samsung, Team, Transcend, Lexar, Kingmax, Kingston, etc. Sony digital camera supports all types of SD memory card from 1GB to 128GB and even more. An SD card is used for data storage in Sony digital camera, but you should perform every operation carefully and properly in order to prevent damage to the SD card. If SD card is corrupted in Sony digital camera, you might be unable to use it to take photos because there is no storage media for data storage.

Sony Digital Camera Supported File Formats

When saying digital camera, you know it is used to capture pictures. As a matter of fact, many digital cameras can not only be used to take pictures, but also be used to record videos. You can use a Sony digital camera to take pictures or record videos. Usually, Sony digital camera supports file formats including JPEG, TIFF, RAW, AVI, MOV, MPEG, etc. When you save a file with Sony digital camera, you can save it to the format that this digital camera supports.

You can save many data on Sony digital camera memory stick or SD card, but you should be careful to avoid data loss from the camera. If you are unfortunately to run into the data loss issue, you can free download iCare Data Recovery to perform data recovery.

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