Sony Digital Camera Does Not Show Memory Card

"I have a Sony digital camera but it does not show memory card when I insert the card to it. After inserting the memory card to the Sony digital camera, it still says please insert a storage media when I want to use the camera to take photos. Memory card is able to be recognized as a disk after connecting to my computer, but system asks me to insert a disk into drive when I doubled click the disk. Can anybody tell me what is wrong with my memory card? What can I do to get back files from memory card for my Sony camera?"

"My new Sony digital camera fails to recognize memory card inserted in it and it keeps saying storage media is not valid. This memory card still worked in the camera yesterday. I tried to plug this memory card to my laptop, but Windows system cannot recognize it normally. I want to know what to do to make the memory card work normally on my Sony camera or computer so that I can move all data from this memory card to another media."

Why doesn’t Sony digital camera show memory card tough it is inserted properly? This kind of problem might be caused by many reasons. First of all, you should ensure that the memory card is not physically damaged. Data is recoverable from an unreadable memory card as long as it is not physically damaged. This article will tell how to recover files from a camera memory card when it is not recognized by Sony digital camera.

Data Recovery When Sony Camera Does Not Show Memory Card

It seems that it is impossible to read any data or fix the problem since memory card is not showing up on Sony digital camera. Even worse, PC is unable to recognize memory card for Sony camera. In this situation, the only chance to recover all inaccessible data is to use iCare Data Recovery. It is a data recovery tool, which is able to deep scan any device so as to search all lost files. Therefore, when Sony digital camera cannot show memory card normally, you can free download and use iCare Data Recovery to restore the files you need. By using this data recovery software, you are able to recover any type of files from any memory card for Sony digital camera.

Steps for Sony Camera Unreadable Memory Card File Recovery

download data recovery software

Preparation: Free download and install iCare Data Recovery on a computer. Connect the memory card fro Sony camera to this computer and launch the data recovery software.

Step1. Select a proper scan mode after running the data recovery software.

select recovery mode

Step2. Choose the memory card as aim disk and then you only need to wait patiently when the software is scanning it to search lost files.

wait while scanning

Step3. You can preview files after scanning and then save the lost files to another drive.

preview found photo

download data recovery software

Memory Card Is Unreadable on Sony Camera

You are able to save or read data from a memory card in Sony camera when it works normally. However, you will be unable to read or write any data when memory card is unreadable on Sony digital camera. If you find yourself in a situation that your memory card is not readable after inserting in Sony camera, the first thing you should do is to check if the memory card is physically damaged or the Sony camera is damaged. You can insert this memory card to another device to check if the memory card is able to work normally. If the same problem exists, you can connect the memory card to your computer to see what will happen.

Sony Camera Memory Card Is Not Showing up on PC

If Sony digital camera is not able to recognize memory card, you can connect this card to your computer to see if it is able to be recognized normally. You had better move all data to another storage media if you are still able to access the memory card after connecting to your computer. However, you had better stop performing any operation on the memory card is it is not detected by PC. What you should do is to make sure that the memory card is not suffer any physical damage or data overwritten. Then, you can run iCare Data Recovery to retrieve all lost files you need. This data recovery software is able to search lost files from unreadable memory card on your computer. This data recovery software provides a safe and easy way to help recover files though memory card is not showing up on your Sony camera or computer, so you do not worry that it will cause any damage to previous inaccessible data by using this software. You can use this software to recover data from unreadable SD card, CF card and more.

download data recovery software

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