SDXC Recovery and SDXC Repair Guide

SDXC, namely Secure Digital eXtended Capacity, has higher capacity than SDHC card. As a high capacity SD card, SDXC card is compatible with some new released digital camera. If you have stored many precious files on an SDXC card, you had better make a backup because data can not only get lost due to human error like formatting or deleting, but also the data may be lost due to SDXC card errors. This article will tell how to fix errors and problems on an corrupted SDXC card in following situations:

If you meet any problem on an SDXC card, you can follow this page to find out a proper solution. This page will tell how to recover files from SDXC and fix errors on it.

SD Card Recovery

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SDXC Card RAW Asking to Reformat

Sometimes, you probably get not formatted error message on your SDXC card when you want to read or write photos, videos or other types of files on the card. In this situation, if you check the properties of the SDXC card, it probably has changed to RAW format. Generally, reasons for this problem usually include:

1. SDXC card is corrupted due to virus infection, bad sectors or other reasons. In this situation, the SDXC card usually cannot work on any device. It other words, you probably receive the similar error message no matter you insert the card to a computer, digital camera or other devices which are compatible with the SDXC card. In this situation, you probably need to format the SDXC card.

2. The SDXC card shows RAW file system and asks to reformat on Window computer because the PC does not support the file system of SDXC card. Different from other types of SD card like SD, SDHC or micro SD , SDHC card has exFAT file system. PC probably asks you to format the SDXC card if the Windows system does not support exFAT file system. In this situation, you only need to install an exFAT drive on your computer so as to recognize the file system of SDXC card.

SDXC Card Cannot Be Recognized by Windows 10/7/XP

You want to connect the SDXC card to Windows computer to copy or transfer some photos, but Windows pc cannot detect the SDXC card? If the SDXC card works fine in digital camera but cannot be recognized by Windows, you can check following two reasons:

1. The SDXC card is not compatible with the card reader. You need to use the particular card reader which supports SDXC card in order to connect the card properly and make it be recognized by a Windows computer. The SDXC card does not support a card reader which is designed for an SDHC card or standard SD card.

2. SDXC card supports the card reader, but the card reader is corrupted. Your SDXC card will fail to be recognized by any Windows system if you connect it to your computer via a card reader whose USB interface if corrupted.

3. The card reader is not compatible with the Windows 10/7/XP. Probably, the card reader is compatible with SDXC card but it does not support Windows system. In this situation, the SDXC card will also fail to be detected by Windows.

4. Windows XP does not support the SDXC card. SDXC card only supports Windows Vista and the later version of Windows operating system. If you want to connect an SDXC card to Windows XP computer, you need to install exFAT device driver on your computer so as to make the PC recognize the exFAT file system of SDXC card.

5. Windows XP may fail to detect an SDXC card if the USB port of the computer is broken, so you can try to connect the card to Windows XP through another USB port (back USB port) to see if it can be recognized.

SDXC Card Does Not Work in Digital Camera

SDXC card is compatible with digital camera, but it only supports some new digital cameras. If you insert an SDXC card to an old digital camera, the camera might be not able to recognize the file system of the SDXC card in which situation the card usually cannot work normally. Therefore, when you buy an SDXC card for your digital camera, you had better ask the manufacturer if the card can be compatible with your digital camera.
In addition, if the SDXC card could work in the digital camera, but it stops working with unknown reasons, you can check if the SDXC card is corrupted and fix the problem.

Format Micro SDXC Card Problem

Some people also meet format problem on micro SDXC card. You may fail to format a micro SDXC card though it requires formatting on Windows XP. Even after update Windows XP for exFAT file system, the formatting still failed finally. What is worse, PC has problem to format a micro SDXC card even when you connect the card to Windows 7 or other Windows system that supports exFAT file system. If so, you can use a format tool to format the micro SDXC card.

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