SD Card Cannot Be Recognized by Computer and Tablet

My SD Card Is Not Recognized by Computer & Tablet. How to Recover Memory Card Data?

"Dear Sir, my SD card is SanDisk 32GB and does not work because it cannot be recognized by computer and tablet. I have downloaded your freeware and testing it, but, it cannot found my SD card. My SD card is damage or malfunctioned ? Does your iCare Recovery software can search, find and then, open the data in this SD card? Thanks in advance?"

Hello, friends! Which electronic device do you often use this SanDisk SD card, in a mobile phone, digital camera or your mentioned tablet? How do you try to read this SD card on your computer, with a separate USB reader or your electronic device with a USB cable bundled? Does this SD card show in your Disk Management when you try to access it on your PC? OK! Go read more common steps to cope with such SD memory card not recognized problem and also go check whether it is possible to recover deleted photos from SD card that cannot be recognized?.

Step1: Go See Whether This SD Card Is Really Unrecognizable Permanently

Generally, a SD card, which is in perfect state, also could become unreadable when you do connect it to your PC or other electronic devices incorrectly. Therefore, do not feel frustrating and go try more possible methods to let your SD card readable, like:

1). Enable the USB connection of your mobile phone, digital camera, tablet or other devices.
So, you do have plugged your mobile phone, digital camera, tablet or other electronic device that holds your SD card to your PC straightly? Have you timely turned up the USB connection function before you really access anything inside this SD memory card? If not, that would be why your SD card could not be recognized on your PC. Merely go enable the USB connection of your device after attaching it well to your PC. And then, check whether it is readable there this time.

2). Read this electronic device, which your SD card has been inserted in, with another USB cable.
If you do have turned on the electronic device USB connection functions and also got an unreadable SD memory card error, never panic! It is possible to be caused by damaged or loose USB connection. Merely disconnect this electronic device, which your SD card has been inserted in, and go check the device USB cable carefully. Of course, it is better to go read this device with another USB cable. And then, go open My Computer window and see whether your attached SD card is displayed there.

3). Read this SD memory card separately with another USB card reader or adaptor.
If the USB cable of your electronic devices is damaged and you also do have no another one for a new try, you can directly extract this SD card out from your phone, camera or tablet and go read it with another USB card reader or adaptor. Merely insert this SD card to your card reader or adaptor and then, connect that reader or adaptor to your PC again. And, at last, go see whether this SD card is shown as a storage device there.

4). Read this 32GB memory card on another computer or PC.
Occasionally, such unreadable SD memory card problems also could be aroused by the computer problems. Therefore, in your case, you can go plunge this 32GB SD card on another computer and go see whether it could be read well there.

Step2: Go See How Your SD Card Shows in Disk Management

In most cases, even when you do find no attached SD memory card in My Computer or other related computer interfaces, people do find their "not recognized" memory card in Disk Management of their computers. Therefore, do not rush to give up. Merely open your Disk Management Windows and go check how this SD memory card shows there. There are often several situations that you may encounter like:

1). Device SD card is shown there with not drive letter.

In such situations, except several computer hard disk partitions shown with familiar letters, you will also see an unknown storage device displayed there without any driver letter labeled when you check the computer Disk Management interface. And then, right click this unlabeled SD card there to add a new driver letter.

Please Note: In case of losing data inside this SD card, do not format it before you use SD card photo recovery software to rescue your original SD card files, images, videos, messages and the likes.

2). Device SD card is shown as "not initialized", "not format" or "RAW file system"

Find there is an unfamiliar storage device that has been labeled as "not initialized", "not formatted" or "RAW file system"? No panic! In such cases, your device SD memory card is often only logically damaged and could be easily repaired with simple formatting processes.

Therefore, go download SD card RAW file system recovery software, memory card not formatted error recovery software or the like memory card photo recovery software to take your original SD card contents as many as possible before you really perform a full or quick formatting process there.

3). Device SD card is corrupted physically.

Device SD card is not even listed in Disk Management? OK! Your SD memory card must be physically corrupted and could not be recognized well there. You’d better try other way to restore your card information.

Step3. Take it to professional data recovery agencies or shops when the inner data is really important.

Your SD card photos, messages and files are not recoverable even when you do have performed data recovery processes there with the help of data recovery software? Or your SD memory card has no any response no matter which electronic devices it has been used? OK! You’d better consult some professional data recovery agencies or shops and see whether the memory card data is still recoverable. Since the professional data recovery services often cost a lot, you’d better choose this way unless your reserved memory card information really cannot afford to being lost permanently. 

Step4. Go replace this SD card with a better memory card for future data storage.

No matter whether your memory card data is recovered successfully or not, this SD card seems to get some logical or physical damages. With enough money, you’d better purchase another better memory card to replace this original one for a safer future data storing. But, without enough extra money, you’d better do not save very, very important data only on this memory card any longer. Always create card data backups elsewhere.


The SD card not recognized problem doesn’t indicate your SD memory card is seriously malfunctioned or damaged. With careful guidance and steps, you do get chances to recover files from SD card and also restore memory card common use. Therefore, go download and apply memory card data recovery software online, like your mentioned iCare Data Recovery software. And then, check whether your SD card songs, photos, messages, texts, videos and files are still recoverable.

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