SanDisk Possible Errors and Problems Fixing

Common problems on SanDisk media:
>> Delete files from SanDisk memory card, thumb drive, memory stick, etc by mistake. -> solution: how to recover deleted files from sandisk with software free
>> Format or reformat SanDisk by accident, solution ->
>> SanDisk USB flash drive RAW asking to be formatted, solution ->
>> SanDisk SD card is not recognized by digital camera or phone
>> SanDisk Cruzer write protected error

You can find solutions for fixing various kinds of errors on any SanDisk media.


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Delete Files from SanDisk

You can save different types of files on a SanDisk SD card, CF card, TF card, flash drive or other media, and you can also delete some or even all files from those devices easily. Sometimes, you would mistakenly delete some precious data from a SanDisk without having any backup. In this situation, you have to use undelete software to recover deleted data before writing new data to the SanDisk.

Accidentally Format SanDisk

You can format a SanDisk device by connecting it to your computer or insert it another device that supports the SanDisk. For example, you can format a SanDisk SD card by inserting it in a digital camera or Android phone. All data on the SanDisk needs to be recovered by using a data recovery tool, so you should look for a useful tool that supports SanDisk device to unformat the device to resolve data loss problem after formatting SanDisk in any situation.

SanDisk RAW File System Requires Formatting

SanDisk storage media usually has FAT32 file system, but it would change to RAW file system in some situations. To check the file system of SanDisk, you can connect it to your computer and view its Properties. When SanDisk turns to RAW, the only solution for fixing the error is to format it to change RAW to FAT32. If you failed to format the RAW SanDisk, you can check if it contains bad sectors or run antivirus software to scan viruses in advance.

SanDisk Is Not Recognized

If it is a new SanDisk memory card that is not recognized by digital camera or mobile phone, the problem might be caused by following reasons:

>> SanDisk card is not compatible with the camera or phone
>> You reformatted the SanDisk memory card in another digital camera or smartphone
You can do following things to resolve the problem:
>> Call the manufacturer of the SanDisk memory card to learn if it works with your digital camera or mobile phone
>> Insert the SanDisk memory card to your phone or camera and go to Settings to reformat it

If the SanDisk device can be recognized by phone, camera or Windows computer previously but it is not recognized anymore with unknown reasons, you can check if the SanDisk is infected with virus or it has bad sectors. In this situation, you can fix bad sectors or erases virus before reformat it. Or you can also use a format tool to reformat it.

SanDisk Write Protection Error

SanDisk reports that it is write-protected, in which situation you are not able to write any data to it? If a SanDisk device shows write-protection but you can still open the device to read data, you can do following things:

1. Check if the write-protection switch on your SanDisk device is turned on. The SanDisk will show as write-protected if you turn on the write-protection switch. You just need to turn off the switch to remove write-protection attribute.
2. Run antivirus software to see if there is virus on the SanDisk device. Virus sometimes would lead a device to be read-only or show write-protection. The problem can be resolved easily sometimes after erasing all virus and spyware.
3. Scan and fix if there are bad sectors on the SanDisk and then try to reformat it. If the SanDisk has too many bad sectors, it may report write-protection error when you attempt to access data that is stored on the bad sectors.

You had better not fix the problems on SanDisk if it still contains much important data. You can use a data recovery tool to get back all files first of all. Further operation to the SanDisk might lead data to be unrecoverable.

SanDisk is a corporation that designs and manufactures various kinds of products including memory card (SD, CF, TF), USB flash drive, memory stick, card reader, MP3 and SSD drive, etc. Most of media manufactured by SanDisk is used in different devices for data storage. SanDisk storage media is world-famous, but you may meet problems during use of SanDisk memory card, flash drive, memory stick or SSD in which situation data stored on the SanDisk media may get lost easily.

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