SanDisk Cruzer USB Drive Needs Formatting 0 Byte

"I need help for data recovery from my SanDisk Cruzer USB drive because it says needs formatting and shows 0 byte space. Well, I really enjoyed myself on Halloween and I took many interesting pictures with my friend on that day. Today, I connected my SanDisk Cruzer USB drive to my computer and transfer those pictures to my Facebook, but the USB drive is not accessible and reports not formatted error message and its file system converts to RAW format. Is there any SanDisk Cruzer USB drive data recovery solution with which I can recover all my lost pictures?"

" have a 32GB SanDisk Cruzer USB drive turns to RAW and requires formatting. The USB drive shows blank though I have saved many files on it. How can I recover lost data when SanDisk Cruzer USB drive shows RAW needs to reformat?"

"Can anyone tell me why does the SanDisk Cruzer USB drive only show 0 byte space? Where is all data stored on this drive? Is there a way to show all inaccessible data without formatting?"

Generally speaking, SanDisk Cruzer USB drive will ask to reformat and show 0 byte space when its file system gets corrupted and shows RAW. Such kind of issue might be caused by data transferring failure, power outage, virus infection and more other reasons. Although few people can escape from suffering the similar data loss disaster, SanDisk Cruzer USB drive data recovery is possible by relying on a data recovery tool.

Data Recovery from SanDisk Cruzer USB Drive Which Requires Formatting

You can free download iCare Data Recovery to scan the SanDisk Cruzer USB drive which is inaccessible before formatting it from RAW to FAT32. This useful tool enables you to recover more than 600 types of files including videos, images, documents, music, office files, etc. This software is able to deep scan the RAW USB drive within a short time to search all inaccessible data. Now, follow the steps below to repair data off SanDisk Cruzer USB drive which shows 0 byte:

download data recovery software

Step1. Download iCare Data Recovery. choose a proper scan mode.

select recovery mode

Step2. Select the SanDisk Cruzer USB drive to scan

wait while scanning

Step3. preview files after scanning and save the selected files safely.

preview found photo

Please remember not to save the recovered data to the SanDisk Cruzer USB drive that requires formatting and shows 0 byte space in order to avoid overwriting the previous inaccessible data.

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