SanDisk Cruzer Flash Drive Became RAW Asking to Be Formatted

SanDisk Cruzer flash drive is a type of storage media which is usually used to save or transfer data, but a SanDisk Cruzer flash drive will become RAW and ask to be formatted sometimes. RAW drive not formatted error will cause some unexpected trouble to your flash drive or data stored on the drive. Here are some related FAQs:

"I have tried all possible ways to open my SanDisk Cruzer flash drive, but it says flash drive is in RAW format and needs to be formatted. What can I do to fix the error and restore my lost data from the SanDisk Cruzer flash drive?"

"Is there a way to format a RAW SanDisk Cruzer flash drive without deleting any data? My 32GB SanDisk Cruzer flash drive becomes RAW file system and Windows says disk drive needs to be formatted before I can use it. I am afraid that I will lose all data permanently after formatting, so I am searching for a way to convert raw to ntfs without formatting."

"How do I access a SanDisk Cruzer flash drive which turns to RAW file system and wants to be formatted when I attempted to open it? I need to access the RAW flash drive for deleted file recovery without software."

For the similar problems above, you can rely on data recovery software to perform data recovery as long as you do not write new data to overwrite the previous inaccessible data.

Data Recovery from RAW SanDisk Cruzer Flash Drive

iCare Data Recovery is a data recovery tool that supports RAW drive data recovery, so you use it to rescue inaccessible data from your SanDisk Cruzer flash drive when it converts to RAW file system and asks to be formatted. This data recovery program works on almost all Windows OS such as Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP, etc. Now, you can follow the steps below to retrieve any type of files from RAW SanDisk Cruzer flash drive:

download data recovery software

Step1. Download and install iCare Data Recovery on computer. Launch the software and choose a proper scan mode.

select recovery mode

Step2. Select the RAW SanDisk Cruzer flash drive and wait the software to scan to search lost data.

wait while scanning

Step3. Preview lost data after scanning and then save the data to another drive.

preview found photo

You should remember not to format it when your SanDisk Cruzer flash drive tells RAW format and requires formatting if you have important data on this drive. iCare Data Recovery only helps recover data that is not overwritten by new added data.

==>> If you meet any problem when formatting the RAW SanDisk Cruzer flash drive, please go to this page - Windows was unable to complete the format USB flash drive>>

download data recovery software

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