Samsung is a Korean Corporation which manufactures various kinds of products including digital camera, mobile phone, memory card, SSD, external hard drive, hard disk drive and more. You may find those Samsung products anywhere. This article will introduce common problems that you may meet on Samsung devices and also share how to resolve different problems on following situations:
1. Mistakenly format Samsung or delete files on Samsung without backup
2. Samsung shows not formatted error
3. Samsung digital camera or mobile phone cannot recognize memory card inserted it
4. Samsung is not readable or inaccessible on any device
5. More other errors on Samsung
You may meet thousands of problems on different Samsung devices. This page will discuss some common issues on different Samsung products.


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Format Samsung or Delete Files by Accident

You can find many Samsung storage devices including memory card (SD, micro SD, etc), portable hard drive, SSD drive and hard disk. When you store files to any of storage media, you may mistakenly delete data or even format the Samsung media sometimes. Data loss from Samsung storage media due to mistaken formatting and deleting occurs occasionally, but the good news is that you can resolve this problem by using a data recovery tool.

Samsung Reports Not Formatted Error

Sometimes, Samsung will report not formatted error on its memory card, removable hard disk or SSD drive. Whenever you receive error message saying Samsung device needs to be formatted, you can recover data at first. And then, you can format the Samsung device from RAW format to FAT or NTFS.

Samsung Digital Camera / Phone Does Not Recognize Memory Card

Samsung digital camera and mobile phone are very famous all over the world. They have good performance, but you know that a memory card is always needed in a Samsung phone or camera in order to save data. Although today’s Android phone has internal memory in which situation you do not have to insert a memory card any more, it is still a problem if the original memory card is no longer recognized by Samsung digital camera or mobile phone.

When Samsung camera or smartphone does not recognize a memory card, you should check if the card is compatible with the device. Usually, a Samsung digital camera supports all brands of SD card, SDHC card and SDXC card. And a Samsung mobile phone is compatible with all brands of micro SD card.

In addition to incompatibility issue, Samsung will fail to recognize memory card due to reasons like virus infection, bad sectors on memory card, etc. Therefore, you can run antivirus software or error checking tool to check if the memory card has those problems.

Finally, if the memory card is physically damaged, it cannot be recognized by any device. You may need to buy a new one because it is impossible to repair a physically damaged memory card.

Samsung HDD / External HDD / SSD Malfunctions

You have a Samsung hard drive, external hard drive or SSD drive for data storage, backup or transferring? You probably meet different malfunctions on Samsung HDD, external or SSD, such as:
>> Samsung external hard drive is not recognized by PC
>> Samsung hard drive contains bad sectors
>> Samsung HDD is unreadable or inaccessible
>> Samsung SSD drive corrupted
>> Samsung external or HDD shows RAW asking to reformat

When meeting the similar problem on Samsung external, HDD or SSD, you just need to do following things to resolve the issue without data loss:

1. Run a data recovery program to scan the Samsung device to search every inaccessible data. You can skip this step if you have backup.
2. Run antivirus software to see if the Samsung is attacked by virus.
3. Run Windows disk check tool to check and repair bad sectors on the Samsung hard disk, external or SSD.
4. Try to perform a complete format on the Samsung device.

Samsung Memory Card Error Fix

You may meet the similar error on Samsung memory card, in which situation you can also use the same methods to fix the problem. If a Samsung memory card is corrupted, you had better buy a new one for the sake of data security.

Samsung Computer Malfunctions

Samsung computers including desktops and laptops are widely used by many people. On Samsung computer, you may encounter following problem:
>> Samsung computer shows blue screen
>> Samsung computer reboots or turns off all of a sudden
>> Samsung computer cannot boot normally
>> Samsung PC stops working and freezes up

All those problems may be caused by virus infection, software conflict, hardware failure, etc. Therefore, you can check if there is virus attack on your computer. Then, you can uninstall the software that is not compatible with the Samsung computer. Finally, you should check if there is hardware failure on your Samsung PC. If the problem still exists after trying all those methods, you can reinstall the operating system on your computer to fix the malfunctions.

Please do not perform any operation on Samsung device no matter what kind of error message it shows if you have important data on it. The first thing you should do is to extract all inaccessible data from the Samsung with a data recovery tool!

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