Samsung Android Phone Photos Lost after Sudden PC Crash

32GB Samsung SD Card Shows Damaged and Needs Formatting on Android Phone

"Hi, everybody! Yesterday, I was moving some birthday celebrating photos from my Samsung Galaxy android phone on my Windows 8 laptop. Since I was also playing a game there during the data transferring, this Windows computer crashed suddenly and managed to hide all my pictures stored inside this Samsung phone memory card, a 32 GB Sandisk SD card. No selected android phone photos could be found on the partitions of this CP and this phone SD card. The computer recycle bin was also empty. Do you know where my android phone card photos were go after that PC crash? How to recover Samsung Galaxy data from SD card?"

Hello, friends! Sudden computer crashing happens to people from time to time, especially when you do have running too many programs, games or processes at the same. Hence, never try to play a game or program that could occupy much computer resources next time during data moving. And, in your case, though your android phone SD card photos get disappeared due to that sudden PC crash, you may still have chances to recover Samsung phone files back with the help of phone memory card recovery software.

Samsung Android Phone Memory Card Is Damaged due to Sudden Computer Crashing

Generally, as a android phone user, you probably has been suggested not to rudely remove or extract phone out from computer during data transformation before, right? Why? Any sudden extracting or removing could damage your phone data and cause android phone data loss troubles. And, like that, sudden computer crashing during the data moving also will corrupt your Samsung android phone. Hence, after your Windows 8 computer crashes, your Samsung Galaxy phone and inner used Sandisk SD card are also damaged somehow. And that’s absolutely why you cannot see any phone photo there. But, also no worry. Your phone SD memory card may not completely corrupted and dead yet. Merely perform data recovery processes there to take your lost phone photos back and format it there to restore its functional use. 

Scan and Recover Android Phone Memory Card Files after PC Crash

In your case, no matter why you cannot find photos stored inside your Samsung phone memory card after PC crash and whether your android phone SD card is damaged due to that sudden computer crashing, you are supposed to do a data recovery scan on this phone memory card with the help of android phone memory card data recovery programs and recover lost photos and files as possible as you can.

And before this 32GB phone memory card is really corrupted or completely rewritten by new information, you can use the below photo recovery program and follow the tutorial to recover deleted files from Android free:

download data recovery software

Step1. Search and download android phone data recovery software based on your own conditions.
Step2. Run the installed software and select fixable data recovery modes to perform data recovery scan there.

select recovery mode

Step3. Preview the found SD card photos and files to see whether this software is useful for your case.

wait while scanning

Step4. Recover your Samsung galaxy mobile photos and files to computer hard drives well.

preview found photo

Please Attention:
*Preview the scanned files carefully before you decide to purchase a code of data recovery software.
*Select computer hard drive or partition, not this Sandisk SD card, to save retrieved phone data in case of data recovery failures.
*Make phone data backups on several memory cards, drives or locations timely in the future.

What to Do after Sudden Computer Crash?

Here are several things you can do to fix possible computer issues after sudden computer crash:

1). Reboot your computer to restore its functional use.
Generally, computer could suddenly crash due to some temporary issues, like low memory, high usage, overheating or more. Merely restart your computer to fix everything.

2). Check computer hard drive to see whether there are some problems.
Sudden computer crashing problems also happen when your computer hard drive gets corrupted, have too many bad sectors or has no enough free space and more related causes. Go check your phone drive carefully.

3). Scan and remove viruses.
Just scan and get rid of all possible viruses hidden on your computer.
And there are also many other reasons and solutions for the related computer crashing problems. You’d better search and learn more over the internet. Overall, no matter what happens, always save computer and phone data backups well to avoid unwanted data loss troubles.

download data recovery software

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