Retrieve Files after Windows 8 Crash

Windows 8 system crash is a nightmare for every computer user, because it usually causes many inconveniences. Although you have tried your best to prevent damage to your computer in order to avoid Windows 8 system crash, you cannot guarantee that you will never run into system crash problem due to many reasons like virus infection, improper operation, software conflict and more. It is necessary to fix Windows 8 system crash problem to make your PC work normally, but it is more urgent to recover lost files after Windows 8 system crash.

Data Recovery Download for File Recovery after Windows 8 Crash

If it causes any data loss due to Windows 8 system crash, you can free download iCare Data Recovery for data recovery.

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iCare Data Recovery Pro provides a read-only solution for data recovery and enables you to preview files.

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Windows 8 Crash after Installing New Software

Probably, your computer has never run into any problem, but the Windows 8 system keeps crashing after installing some new software. In this situation, you should check whether it is software conflict or virus infection that causes Windows 8 system crash. If your computer often corrupts when you run the new added software, probably the software is not compatible with Windows 8 system. If so, you had better uninstall this software. If your computer often crashes even if you do not run the new added software, probably it is other kinds of reasons that lead to Windows 8 system crash. One possible reason is that your computer is infected with virus. Sometimes, when you install a program on your computer, you should make sure that the software does not contain any spyware or virus to prevent unexpected damage to your computer. You can try to run antivirus software to check if there is any virus on your computer.

Windows 8 Crash Related to System Issue

It might cause Windows 8 system crash after deleting DLL files, modifying Windows operating system registry or upgrading operating system.

Windows 8 System Breakdown Resulting from Hardware Problem

In addition software conflict, hardware issue might also cause Windows 8 system crash. For example, if some hardware you installed on your Windows 8 computer is not installed properly, it might lead to system crash. Or if hardware is damage, it might be another cause of Windows 8 system crash.

Symptoms of Windows 8 System Breakdown

1. Windows 8 blue screen of death

Blue screen of death is a common symptom of system crash for any computer including Windows 8. Computer usually stops responding and reboots automatically after showing blue screen of death message. Computer blue screen of death might cause data loss after rebooting the Windows 8 system, in which situation you can use iCare Data Recovery to perform data recovery on your computer.

2. Windows 8 stops responding to any operation

Sometimes, you may find that your computer stops responding to any operation or it responds very slowly. If you meet this problem, you can check if you open too many programs or Windows at the same time. If you open too many programs or programs, it will occupy CPU resources in which situation Windows 8 system might responds slowly or programs stops responding on your computer.

Things You Can Do to Fix Windows 8 Crash

The solutions for crashed Windows 8 system fixing are different. It depends on the reasons for Windows 8 system crash. Here are some possible solutions for Windows 8 crashed system fixing:

1. You should uninstall all programs that are not compatible with the Windows 8 operating system

2. You can run antivirus software to deep scan every disk drive on Windows 8 system to check if any drive is infected with virus and removes all viruses.

3. Do not open to many programs or Windows at the same time on your Windows 8 computer.

4. If hard drive contains bad sectors, you had better run Windows 8 built-in Error-checking tool to repair the bad sectors. Or you can change a new hard drive if possible.

How to Avoid Windows 8 System Crash?

Windows 8 system crash is a possible reason for data loss from hard disk drive in your computer. It might also cause data loss from removable disk like external hard drive, USB flash drive, pen drive, memory card, etc if you connect the device to your computer when the computer shuts down suddenly due to system crash. Therefore, it is very important to prevent unexpected damage to your computer to protect Windows 8 system from crashing:

1. Make it clear whether it is compatible with Windows 8 operating system when you attempt to install any software on your computer.
2. You should not download software from some unsafe website.
3. You should install anti-virus software on your computer to prevent unexpected virus infection.

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