Reformatted Transcend External Hard Drive by Mistake

Hey, can I recover lost data from reformatted Transcend external hard disk? In fact, this 500 GB USB hard disk have been used as FAT32 file system on my Windows 7 computer for one year and now have hold nearly 4GB of videos, songs and some World documents. However, it just cannot be formatted into NTFS file system under my laptop though I do have tried it there several times. Moreover, these drive reformatting processes also take all my stored data away. So, what am I supposed to do now? Is it still possible to apply this USB hard disk as FAT32? Or what can I do to retrieve lost file from this reformatted Transcend external drive?

Hey, firstly, we do not hastily judge whether it is necessary or right to convert this Transcend external hard disk from FAT32 to NTFS. But, you are supposed to remember this well: never format or reformat USB hard disk without important data backups stored elsewhere well. But, in such case, you also do not have to panic or worry. With the help of reformatted Transcend USB hard disk recovery software, you are also able to recover the original drive videos, songs and files.

What Makes People Reformat This Transcend USB Hard Disk with Much Important Data?

In fact, in daily use, many USB hard disk users do reformat their Transcend external drives without data backups for reasons. So, to some degree, such external drive data loss troubles after format or reformat are really common. Do not worry too much and read more related reasons why people format their USB hard disks without data backups again and again:

  • USB portable hard disk seems to get infected with some persistent viruses, like some disastrous worms, Trojan or spyware, etc.
  • USB removable hard drive seems to get an unsupported RAW file system and cannot be viewed or used anyhow before format or reformat
  • External hard disk formatting processes have failed when this drive require formatting.
  • USB hard drive is merely reformatted by mistake or due to other unexpected reasons

Hope you’ve learned something about Transcend drive reformat information and calm down yourself somehow.

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Simple Procedure to Recover Data from Reformatted Transcend External Hard Disk

Though you do have not succeeded in converting your Transcend USB hard disk from FAT32 to NTFS, your drive contents, like your mentioned 4GB videos, songs and other files, may not be erased completely as you think. Though they cannot be found in your Transcend drive as you often do, they may still be stored there somehow and wait for you to rescue them all back. Therefore, from now on, stop writing new data on this external drive to avoid corrupting the original drive information and go start Transcend external hard disk reformat recovery software to see whether your wanted stuffs are still recoverable.

Here is the simple procedure to help you take the original drive data back:

Step1. Free download and run your selected external drive data recovery software as you often do. Choose provided three or more file type or data recovery modes shown on the main screen of this software.

select recovery mode

Step2. Deeply scan this reformatted Transcend external hard disk and also let yourself wait patiently during scanning.

wait while scanning

Step3. Recover all wanted Transcend drive files to another external drive, flash drive or storage device.

preview found photo

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Please Note:

  • Avoid saving new information on this two or more times formatted external hard disk in case of worse data loss troubles.
  • Preview the scanned drive files and photos before the final recovering process, if it is necessary for you.
  • In order to have a higher secure about restoring much more original drive data, the paid USB hard disk data recovery software is good choice. But, also remember to pay it when you do check well how much original data is still recoverable with previewing function after scanning process.

Change USB Portable Hard Disk File System with Data Backups Saved Elsewhere well

No matter why you have to format your external hard disk from NTFS to FAT32, from FAT32 to NTFS, from RAW to NTFS or from FAT32 to NTFS, etc, never forget to prepare important drive data backups well on two or more different storage devices, including external drives, flash drives, CDs, DVDs and more. Only in this way, even when you do lose something valuable during that formatting process, you still do have chances to copy it all back directly from these backups. But, if you do make no drive data backups and also accidentally format or reformat your USB hard disk, also do not panic! This external drive data recovery software still can help you take original data back from external hard disk after format or reformat. The software allows you to perform quick format data recovery from Transcend external and full format recovery.

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