Reformatted Sony External Hard Disk Recovery by Mistake

Situation1: Hello, I would like some instructions for getting Sony external hard disk contents back after mistaken reformat. Hope you can help me somehow. Thanks! Honestly, the thing just happened simply. Last night, in order to remove potential viruses off from my Sony external hard disk when my computer antivirus software detected something suspicious there, I formatted it there two times and also wiped everything reserved inside without data backups. I just want to review some files and videos inside this drive. What can I do now? What am I supposed to do for recovering data from this reformatted Sony USB hard disk?

Situation2: Hey, guys! My 500GB Sony external hard disk was reformatted by mistake. A message saying: "The disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" just popped out once I connected this drive to my PC. I just wanted to upload some information transferred from other computer to mine. But, that drive not formatted error message stopped me. Hence, without deep thinking, I just formatted and reformatted it without checking drive data backups. I knew I was stupid. But, I really want to know whether it is possible for me to recover Sony external drive reformatted by mistake?

Situation3: Hi, everybody! I have formatted my 1TB Sony external hard drive several times since it was weirdly shown as RAW format in Disk Management. At the first time, I just chosen the final file system as FAT32 wrongly and had to reformat it from FAT32 to my wanted NTFS. But, no matter why I had to format it again and again, my left drive information seemed to be wiped at the same time. But, I really need some of the lost drive data for the work report next day. Do you get any idea to help retrieve data from several times formatted Sony USB portable hard disk?  

Hey, as you wish, generally speaking, no matter how many times you’ve formatted your Sony external drive, it is often possible for you guys to recover original drive information back. However, under different reformatted USB hard disk cases, you also can get different drive data recovery results, especially when you do apply different Sony external drive reformat recovery software.

Guide to Recover Lost Data from Sony USB Hard Disk Reformatted Mistakenly

No matter why you reformat your Sony external hard disk with many valuable movies, pictures, songs, files and the likes, your drive information may not be erased immediately and only becomes invisible there. Provided that these original external contents are not replaced by new information completely, you always can recover lost data from that reformatted Sony removable hard disk. And the only problem left is merely whether you can take every original file back with success. Hence, do not panic and download reformatted external drive data recovery software to take chances.
Go follow the below guide to see how many original Sony USB hard disk files could be retrieved:

download data recovery software

Step1. Download data recovery software on computer local folders to avoid overwriting original external drive data. Run installed software and choose proper data recovery mode from listed ones.

select recovery mode

Step2. Scan this Sony USB portable drive and see whether all desired files and photos are recoverable with "Preview" option.

wait while scanning

Step3. Recover wanted reformatted drive information to a different storage device.

preview found photo

download data recovery software

Useful Notes:

  • Move no fresh data to reformatted Sony external drive in case of permanent data loss issues.
  • Move no recovered data to the same Sony USB hard disk in case of data recovery failures.
  • Choose the data recovery software when you do let it thoroughly scan your drive and check the recoverable drive information.
  • Create drive data backups on two or more external drives or other storage devices.


No matter what type of Sony external drive data loss troubles you’ve meet, it is always necessary to immediately stop using the original drive for avoiding some farther data loss troubles. Of course, without finding desired drive information back from drive data backup copies, the Sony drive reformat recovery software also could be really helpful in taking lost data back from reformatted Sony portable drive. It is helpful with free quick format recovery or full format recovery from Sony USB external hard drive.

download data recovery software

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