Reformatted Samsung External Hard Disk Recovery

"Hey, I need some suggestions to recover lost files from mistakenly reformatted Samsung external hard disk? Honestly, I do have two Samsung USB hard disks for daily use: one for computer data backing up and the other for computer common data transformation. However, yesterday, my little son connected this backup Samsung drive to my PC as I often did and reformatted this drive accidentally since there was a drive is not formatted error message popped out. And then, all my stored computer data, like videos, images, Word documents, mails and more were lost. What am I supposed to recover data from this reformatted USB hard disk? Thanks!"

Hello, you guys also encounter the similar accidentally reformatted Samsung external hard disk file loss problems? OK! Never panic! Though there is no secure that you can absolutely take all original drive files, videos, mails, pictures and other stuffs back, you also have a high chance to recover your wanted data back from this reformatted USB hard disk. Merely go try some Samsung external drive reformat recovery software to take chances.

What Is Happening During the Samsung USB Hard Disk Formatting or Reformatting?

Your Samsung USB hard disk doesn’t show anything original on any computer or machine after that unexpected formatting/reformatting process? Never mind! Generally, the common hard disk formatting or reformatting process, not the low level formatting process, often will simply erase the hard disk file entry one by one to indicate that the hard disk space is free now for anything fresh to store. But, the original drive files themselves are not really erased completely. Moreover, without new information to replace them, they will also still stay there till the new stuffs are coming. Therefore, before they all are rewritten by new information, you always get chances to recover lost data from this Samsung USB portable hard disk after format or reformat. Simply search for some external drive data recovery software for help.

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How to Recover Files from Reformatted Samsung External Drive?

Have you tried some Samsung external drive reformat/format recovery software before? If not, also do not feel nervous. Such data recovery software is especially produced for people like you to recover lost or deleted photos, files, music and the likes from mistakenly formatted/reformatted drive and has been designed with well-designed data recovery features and easy-to-use interface. Therefore, even when you do have never used such software before, you also can easily follow its software instructions or guidance to get everything desired back.
Here is also the data recovery tutorial for you to go on:

Step1. Free download reformatted Samsung USB hard disk recovery software to your PC and install it well there, too.

select recovery mode

Step2. Pick a fixable data recovery mode and perform a deeply scanning on this hard disk.

wait while scanning

Step3. Preview and recover preferable drive files, videos, pictures and others back.

preview found photo

download data recovery software

Samsung does not only manufactures external hard drive, but also produces other devices like mobile phone, digital camera, memory card, etc. iCare Data Recovery is able to recover deleted files from Samsung Galaxy, Samsung camera, Samsung memory card, Samsung flash drive and more other devices after formatting.

Pay Attention:

  • Save no fresh data on this reformatted Samsung drive in case of farther data loss.
  • Scan the Samsung drive with downloaded trial/free version of the selected data recovery software to see whether all your wanted information is recoverable before you really pay some money for drive data recovery.
  • Store retrieved Samsung drive contents on another drive in case of data recovery failures.

More External Hard Drive Reformat Recovery Issues:

Issue 1: Hey, I was trying to see some movies stored on a Seagate external hard disk on my laptop running Windows 7. However, I just mistakenly formatted this external drive somehow. And then, in order to stop the formatting process, I just unplugged this drive out from laptop and went to try it there again. And then, it weirdly asked me to format when trying to access my wanted videos there. So, I just reformatted it latter. I had tried some free data recovery software and rescued no all stuffs inside? Thanks if anyone could recommend free format recovery software for Windows 7 from Seagate portable hard drive.

Issue2: My 560GB USB removable hard disk was reformatted about three times by my friends for some reasons. Is it still possible for me to recover lost data back? What can we do to perform reformatted Samsung USB hard disk data recovery process there? Thank you very much!

download data recovery software

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