Reformatted Memorex External Hard Drive by Mistake

Situation1: Hey, I accidentally reformatted my Memorex portable hard disk last weekends. I just made this mistake when I was attempting to format another Kingston flash drive with malware attacking. Do you have any idea for me to undo that formatting process and help me re-access files left on that drive? Is there any solution to retrieve data from portable hard disk after unexpected reformat? Thanks for any help!

Situation2: Hello, guys! What am I supposed to do for rescuing data from reformatted Memorex hard disk? Honestly, since some hard disk low space error, I only try to repartition this external drive with partition software and don’t know it also reformat my drive with important files. What am I able to do for getting original drive data back? Thank you for any suggestions!

Hello, you guys should never be so careless again to reformat the Memorex USB hard disk without data backup prepared again. And now, also no worry! It is still possible to recover your external hard drive files, even after an unwanted reformat, by employing Memorex external drive data recovery software.

Data Recovery after Reformatting Memorex USB Hard Disk Accidentally

Have not saved or moved new stuffs to this Memorex USB portable hard disk yet since you have reformatted the external drive accidentally? OK! If so, all your original drive information may not be damaged or replaced by anything else and stored well there. And, in order to make the drive data accessible again as before, you are supposed to perform data recovery process on this reformatted Memorex drive with the help of iCare Data Recovery which can always offer you well-designed data recovery modes to help you rescue desired data as much as possible. Hence, go perform the drive data recovery processed like this:

download data recovery software

Steps to Rescue Deleted Files from LaCie Portable HDD

Preparation: Download and install iCare Data Recovery on your computer. Connect the Memorex portable hard drive to your computer and run the software.

Setp1. Select the desired drive data recovery modes after after running the software.

select recovery mode

Step2. Select this plunged reformatted drive to start the drive scanning process.

wait while scanning

Step3. Select wanted files and photos to preview when the drive scanning process is over and then recover the needed files.

preview found photo

download data recovery software

Please Pay Attentions:

  • You are not supposed to keep saving new data on this reformatted Memorex drive in case of losing more original drive information.
  • You are not supposed to choose the same USB hard disk as the destination device to save all retrieved data in case of data recovery failures.
  • You are not supposed to pick a paid data recovery tool without firstly trying its free or trial version.
  • You are not supposed to format or reformat USB removable hard disk without drive data backups prepared on separate drives or locations well.

Also Use External Drive Recovery Software in Other Data Loss Situations:

There are many external hard disk data recovery utilities that can help recover USB hard disk data as much as possible in different drive data loss situations, including:
1). When external drive files and folders are mistakenly deleted or shift deleted, apply drive data recovery software to scan that USB hard disk with patience.
2). When external drive is asking you to format without extracting anything out at first, download such data recovery software to rescue wanted files, videos and more information.
3). When USB hard disk is detected as RAW format, also run related portable drive data recovery software to get inaccessible stuffs back.
4). When removable hard disk is not recognized properly due to some logical damages, also go start related data recovery software to see how many original drive contents are still possible to be retrieved back.
5). When portable hard disk is formatted or reformatted by mistake, also choose proper external drive format recovery software to go on for quck format data recovery or full format recovery.

download data recovery software

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