Reformatted Generic External Hard Drive by Mistake

"Hey, my 500GB Generic external hard disk was reformatted by mistake last week when I got a message saying that the disk was not able to be read and needed to be reformatted. I still remembered well its file system format also was turned into RAW. Though now the drive file system has been restored from RAW to NTFS for that reformatting process. My left Generic USB hard disk files, pictures, music and others were also missing at the same time. Please help me rescue files from reformatted USB hard disk! Thank you in advance! "

Hey, friends! You do have no habit to keep the important drive files backed up on different flash drives, portable drives or other storage devices regularly? If so, you’ve better learn a lesson to create Generic drive data backups from now on. The related USB hard disk data loss troubles can happen to you at any time due to any possible reason. And such earlier prepared data backup copies can help you recover everything original back. But, now, since you seem to get no extra drive data copy stored elsewhere, go try Generic external drive reformat recovery software to recover your original data back.

How to Recover Files from Generic USB Hard Disk after Reformat?

It is often impossible to take the original Generic USB hard disk files, videos and others back when these drive contents are completely damaged by new information stored on the same drive or when this Generic external drive is physically corrupted somehow. However, fortunately, your Generic USB storage device data loss situation seems not that bad, right? Though you accidentally reformatted USB portable drive without data backups, as long as these left original drive contents are not overwritten by new information, you get chances to recover them back from this USB hard disk after reformat.

Here, go choose and apply iCare Data Recovery to retrieve your drive files back as many as possible as below:

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Steps to Rescue Deleted Files from LaCie Portable HDD

Preparation: Download and install iCare Data Recovery on your computer. Connect the Generic portable hard drive to your computer and run the software.

Setp1. Pick out a practical data recovery mode after running the software.

select recovery mode

Step2. Scan this Generic removable hard disk and preview found files to check whether most or even all of your original stuffs are still recoverable.

wait while scanning

Step3. Select a different storage device or location available to restore the retrieved drive information, once the previewing process is over.

preview found photo

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Additional Tips:

  • Before starting the data recovery process, remember to save no fresh information on this reformatted drive to avoid damaging original drive files, videos, images and the likes.
  • After finishing the data recovery process, also remember to save recovered data to another external drive, flash drive or local folder in case of data recovery failures.
  • When choosing proper data recovery software from diversified ones, remember to let them all scan your drive deeply and choose the one that can help you find and rescue more original data.
  • Also remember to choose a paid or free data recovery software based on your own needs.

Related Generic USB Storage Device Data Loss Cases:

Case1: Hey, my friend has a several-year-old Generic USB hard disk that held much school documents, activity videos and some interesting movies. However, recently, this drive seemed to get some viruses and became really uncommon. The speed of the drive data transformation also slowed down. Therefore, he had no choice but format this drive several times to restore its common use. However, the reserved drive files and videos were also gone for those reformatting processes. Can anybody help retrieve data from external drive after several times format?  

Case2: Hello, I don’t remember how long such USB hard disk data loss trouble has happened. But, I still know the data loss details. Firstly, I just cannot read my connected Generic USB removable hard disk since it is inaccessible for Windows not formatted error notifications. Hence, by following the suggestions, I have formatted this drive. Moreover, since I am afraid that this formatting process cannot restore the drive common use, I do reformat this external drive and finally find all stuffs saved there also are lost at the same time. What do you know about how to recover lost files from external hard drive after reformatting?

For similar case above, you can use iCare Data Recovery for deleted file recovery after reformatting. This software helps free quick format recovery / complete format recovery from any external hard drive.

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